5 Outdoor Kitchen Ideas for Your Contemporary Home in Burr Ridge, IL

If you have a contemporary style home, chances are you will want to continue the design style for your new outdoor kitchen area in Burr Ridge, IL. If this style is something you are looking for, then these design concepts are just for you.

Granite Countertops

As you consider your many design options for your outdoor kitchen, have you thought about the countertops yet? This is a key area that can entirely change the way a kitchen looks. Coming in what seems like an endless supply of colors and patterns, granite countertops are a coveted choice for today’s outdoor kitchens. Granite is heavily resistant to corrosion and weathering with the right treatment. The veins of dark rich colors against the lighter background found in granite will give your contemporary outdoor space an elegant look.

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Wet Bar

If you are a fan of entertaining guests, then this is a design idea to consider: A wet bar can be the perfect addition for creating timeless evenings with friends. Drinks can be prepared and served all right in front of your guests. For a sleek and sophisticated look, consider outfitting the bar with all stainless steel fixtures and cabinets. If you plan on implementing bar stools, then backless black stools could contrast the bright sheen of the stainless steel.

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Flat Top Grill

Outdoor kitchens free up cooks to prepare their food while enjoying the weather and fresh air. If you commonly host dinner parties and get-togethers in your outdoor space, then a flat top grill concept could work well for you by giving you the necessary space to cook. A stainless steel grill integrated perfectly next to a low-profile flat top will turn any contemporary kitchen into a space for culinary fun. This design is classy and user-friendly because stainless steel does not rust and it is easy to clean.

Integrated Lighting

5 Outdoor Kitchen Ideas for Your Contemporary Home in Burr Ridge, IL

Properly placed lights throughout an outdoor kitchen can not only give you light when needed but also improve the mood of your kitchen during the evening hours. For example, use strip lighting underneath the edge of your countertop to give the entire space a glowing aura. Without the light source sitting in plain view, it adds to the clean soft contemporary style. For a more noticeable light, look into installing floorboard lights around the entire kitchen area. This will provide proper illumination so that the outdoor kitchen area can be used well into the night.


Backsplashes are often one of the first things people see when entering a kitchen area. They can be a great place to showcase the materials used in your design project. If you run a short backsplash in your kitchen area, for example, you could have the strip lighting mentioned above run the underside of the backsplash’s coping. The hidden light will shine a spotlight onto the countertop and appliances below it.

Contemporary style designs usually contain contrasting shades of neutrals. To keep with this theme, try using a shade for your backsplash that contrasts with your countertop. For example, use a white backsplash shade with a gray countertop or a sandstone backsplash with a rich brown countertop.

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