Selecting the Right Outdoor Kitchen Flooring

An outdoor kitchen is so much more than a refrigerator and a grill—it’s a gathering place for entertaining those you love in Oak Brook, IL. While it must be functional, your outdoor kitchen can also be pretty and should be safe to use. Selecting the right flooring checks all the boxes for the development of a practical and attractive outdoor kitchen.


Unlike an indoor kitchen, an outdoor kitchen floor must stand up not only to foot traffic but also the weather. If you’ve got a pool nearby, your flooring choice should not be slippery when wet. A porous material can be slick when wet, as can a glazed tile. Also consider what type of flooring material would be particularly hot in the summer sun, which would make for an uncomfortable walk from the house or to the pool.

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Easy Cleaning

Because you will be cooking food, trouble-free clean-up is a must. Aside from wear and tear from foot traffic, outdoor kitchen flooring must be able to withstand spills of oil and grease from grilling and cooking. Sauces can stain, especially if they contain tomatoes. Sometimes storms leave dirt and debris behind, which can mark flooring material that is not made to withstand outdoor weather conditions. Wine spills definitely stain any outdoor flooring if the floor has not been protected with a sealant to prevent permanent damage.

Style Options

While it is paramount to select a floor for an outdoor kitchen that complements the rest of the landscape design and patio areas, you want to also consider the house’s architectural elements. Continuing any brick or stone choices into the outdoor kitchen flooring helps to make everything blend seamlessly.

For a modern, clean look, a concrete or ceramic tile floor would create an urban look. A rustic paving stone, brick paver, or a textured paving stone could be ideal for a more traditional presentation. A flagstone paver from Unilock would become a classic companion to most any architecture and landscape.

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Selecting the Right Outdoor Kitchen Flooring in Oak Brook, IL

You could opt to install a different stone or pattern for your outdoor kitchen than other parts of your outdoor space. Incorporating a border can make it truly feel like a room unto itself. Elevating the outdoor kitchen with steps is another wonderful way to create an outdoor room that functions separately from the rest of the backyard scene. Bring some visual interest into the flooring placement with colorful patterned tiles set in a geometric pattern—that would be especially beautiful as a centerpiece.

The laying pattern of the paving stones can also play an important role. A herringbone pattern can create an elegant floor design. Flagstone lays in a random pattern because of the irregular shapes, but some paving stones can be laid in a random pattern to produce a casual flooring appearance. Square or rectangular tiles can bring about a more ordered, symmetrical floor.

The choices for outdoor kitchen flooring are practically endless—they’re only limited by your unique landscape and style. Some characteristics are critical, like safety and the ability to withstand the weather elements and the freeze/thaw cycle. While durability of an outdoor floor is a must, most choices for an outdoor kitchen depend on a homeowner’s aesthetic preferences.

Image courtesy of Unilock.