How to Choose the Best Outdoor Kitchen Layout for Your Hinsdale, IL, Backyard

Once summer ends, it’s time to get reminiscent about how much you enjoy barbequing and eating casually outside with your family and friends in Hinsdale, IL. It doesn’t have to be occasional activity—an outdoor kitchen could stretch out the times you can cook and entertain outside, by opening up the types of foods you can cook in your backyard and making the whole process so much more efficient.

Consider the many benefits: Cooking outside would minimize lingering food odors inside your home, a outdoor refrigerator would make it easy to have snacks at your fingertips when having guests over, and a cooler could keep drinks cold for the kids while they play. Once you start thinking about the many possibilities, you’ll want to dig into the details and explore what should be included in your outdoor kitchen. Here are five tips for the best outdoor kitchen layout for your backyard:

Focus on Flooring

Start from the bottom up by deciding what kind of flooring you want for your outdoor kitchen. You need a floor that does not get slippery when wet and does not stain easily from food and drink spills, and will be able to withstand the elements with no damage. Using different laying patterns and types of stones and brick pavers can help to influence the traffic pattern.

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Pay Attention to Proximity

How to Choose the Best Outdoor Kitchen Layout for Your Hinsdale, IL, Backyard

An outdoor kitchen is an extension of your home, providing you with extra living space. Think about how close you want your kitchen to your house. When entertaining, you often have to carry food, drinks, and plates to your outdoor area. How far do you want to walk? Would you prefer a kitchen that is closely connected to your home for ease of transferring supplies? Or would you prefer that your outdoor kitchen is a bit removed and feels like its own unique outdoor space?

Factor in the Shape

Decide on the look of the layout you’d prefer. An “L” shaped kitchen is a very popular option, but you might prefer a straight layout or a “U” shaped kitchen. Often, the space you have available will influence the best layout for your outdoor kitchen.

Ask About Appliances

What appliances are essential to you? Setting up the most accessible work triangle is important. Some outdoor kitchens are simple, with a grilling area and a sink. Others have a grill, sink, refrigerator, freezer, wine fridge, smoker, or even a pizza oven. Your budget and entertaining needs will help you decide which appliances are right for your outdoor kitchen.

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Consider Covering Options

Do you want your outdoor kitchen covered with a roof or pergola, or would you rather keep it open at all times? If you decide to cover your kitchen, would you like ceiling fans to keep your guests cool in the summer? Do you want a fire pit or a heater to warm everyone up in the cooler temperatures? If you add a roof, you might consider installing a TV that is protected from the elements to watch football games, or golf, or your favorite cooking show.

No matter the size of your Hinsdale, IL, backyard outdoor kitchen, consulting with a professional can ease the process of choosing all of the essential elements and determining the proper layout, from the flooring to the design. Whether you want your outdoor space to be a secluded oasis or a place for entertaining, Goldleaf Landscape Inc. can bring your vision to life.