3 Unique Outdoor Fireplace and Fire Pit Designs to Consider in Hinsdale, IL

Fireplaces and fire pits are high-demand landscape features. They’re great because they extend the longevity of your outdoor entertaining space well into the cooler months by keeping you and your guests warm and providing light when it’s pitch dark. Before you can to that point, of course, you’ll need to decide on the right design for your Hinsdale, IL, home. Here are some great ideas for unique outdoor fireplaces and fire pits.

Step-Down Fire Pit

A step-down lounge area is a mid-century design feature that has recently come back into style. Updated with modern flair, a step-down fire pit can be a really cool addition to your backyard. The step-down area is usually only a couple of feet lower than your landscape’s surface. The lounge area will be enclosed with one opening where you can “step down” to enter.

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The classic design for this feature is circular, but if you want to add a modern twist, you could mix things up with a square or hexagonal shaped seating bar. Use modern material for the seating and flooring, like Lineo Dimensional Stone from Unilock. Updated colors like Granite, with its mix of deep grays, or Sandalwood, which offers beachy sand colors, allow for a clean look that lends itself well to newly constructed designs. Accessorize with funky, colorful pillows so that you and your guests can get comfortable while huddled around the fire!

The Modern Fire Feature

For a more contemporary feature, try a linear fire pit at the center of a rectangular shaped seating area. A linear fire feature means the warmth from your fire spreads out over a greater distance and can keep more people warm at once. Clean lines convey a modern aesthetic that will last in your landscape.

3 Unique Outdoor Fireplace and Fire Pit Designs to Consider in Hinsdale, IL

Seating walls made with a material like Rivercrest Wall from Unilock have a natural look that softens the design and adds texture. Such walls provide a great place for your guests to relax and enjoy good conversation over the fire, even in the cool evening hours. They’re also a great way to define the area and give the appearance of a dedicated lounging space. You could impact the overall look by your choice of patio paver, like Brussels Block for a more natural aesthetic, or Series for an ultra-modern feel. Finish off the look with a few potted trees, like a colorful hardy hibiscus for pops of coral or red.

A Defining Fireplace

Using an outdoor fireplace to define a space is a fantastic way to delineate where your entertaining space ends and your lawn or green space begins. A patio usually looks better when there is a wall or border toward an end of it.

Rather than a plain seating wall, incorporate a fireplace into the corner or middle of the outer edge. It will add additional privacy, bring a feeling of cozy warmth, and look amazing! The pre-built Tuscany fireplace from Unilock offers a gorgeous blend of Brussels Dimensional Stone and Copthorne accents to bring the timeless beauty of European architectural style to your backyard. The fireplace will serve as the focal point of your entertaining area and immediately draw your guests over to gather and get warm. Place a couple of loveseats and chairs in front of the fireplace for a great casual lounge area.

Image courtesy of Unilock.