3 Ways to Make your Outdoor Fireplace Stand Out in Sugar Grove, IL

An outdoor fireplace is the perfect complement to your Sugar Grove, IL, backyard landscape. It’ll keep you warm during chilly nights and help you make the most of your outdoor entertaining space when the temperature drops. It’s also a great visual attraction that adds appeal and value to your home. Here are some exciting ways to make your outdoor fireplace stand out and become the center of attention:

A Paved Pathway

Placing your outdoor fireplace at the center of your landscape is the most obvious way to make sure everyone’s eyes are drawn directly to it as they enter your backyard. You could have a beautifully paved pathway that naturally leads your guests directly toward the fireplace and its surrounding seating area.

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Ideally, your pathway should match or complement the materials used for the fireplace itself. For example, the Tuscany fireplace delivers a hearty, rustic look using Brussels Dimensional Stone with Copthorne accents. The idea here is to create a look that blends beautifully with the fireplace itself and complements the natural beauty of your overall landscape.

Courtyard Style

Creating a faux courtyard for your outdoor fireplace is made possible with tall shrubs and evergreens. Placing greenery around the perimeter of your fireplace creates a natural sense of comfort, tranquility, and security.

The plantings should be tall enough that they provide privacy for the seating area, but not too tall that they hang over it. Of course, they should be a reasonable distance away from where people will sit and the fireplace itself for safety purposes. This careful placement will also cut down on wind during breezy nights and help keep the warmth inside the seating area. From the inside, your fireplace will feel cozy and private, and from the outside, it’ll look inviting!

Colorful Accents

Another way to make your outdoor fireplace stand out is to add colorful accents that bring flair and interest to the area. If the seating for your outdoor fireplace is made from matching paver materials, accessorize with bright pillows in funky colors or even a couple of small throw blankets draped over the edges.

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3 Ways to Make your Outdoor Fireplace Stand Out in Sugar Grove, IL

For traditional outdoor furniture, you can buy bright cushions that will make your area stand out, or even a fun piece of upcycled furniture painted with bright chalk paint like turquoise or coral. Another way to add color is to accent with big, bold potted plants with bright flowers or interesting foliage. Add a potted dwarf palm tree, yellow begonias, or a pink hibiscus tree. Placing these beside your seating or on either side of the fire will add more of nature’s beauty to your landscape.

Once you’ve got a great pathway leading to your beautiful outdoor fireplace with architectural accents and pops of color with plants and funky pillows, the next best way to make your fireplace stand out is to start a roaring fire! The orange light and crackling flame are the final touches to warm up a beautiful evening of enjoying your landscape.

Image courtesy of Unilock.