4 Tips for Protecting Your Plainfield, IL, Brick Patio

It’s no mystery why brick pavers are a highly sought-after material for a variety of uses. Whether they’re used for driveways, walkways or any other feature that requires durability. Brick pavers provide stability in all of their uses. Brick patios are no exception. While brick and brick-style pavers are known for their strength, it’s still important to take measures to protect your Plainfield, IL patio where you can.

Well-maintained pavers add beauty and value to your residence and landscape, so it’s important to know exactly what steps to take to keep your brick patio looking fresh and new:

Choosing the Highest Quality Brick Pavers

4 Tips for Protecting Your Plainfield, IL, Brick Patio  

Installing a patio with high-quality brick pavers means having a patio that will last. Before deciding on the best brick to match your vision and style, consider all of the options available and choose a brick that will meet all of your needs.

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Goldleaf Landscape Inc. use only the best and most durable materials that require very little upkeep and will remain looking fresh and new for years to come. With our experienced and skillful team, we can assist you in choosing a style of brick paver that will match your personal preferences while also ensuring the best choice for your landscape. Goldleaf Landscape Inc. is a Unilock Authorized Contractor, and as such, has access to exclusive resources for the construction of robust brick-style patios with the backing of one of the most respected names in paver manufacturing.

Keeping Brick Clean

Just like any other material, brick pavers should be kept clean in order for them to perform the best they can. While brick patios are typically low maintenance, it is recommended to keep them clean of any dirt or grime that may build up over time. The cleaning process is infrequent and minimal, but it’s recommended to keep the patio clean for it to look its best. This can be accomplished by employing a professional paver cleaning and repair service.


Good drainage systems, employed during the construction of your patio, will help to keep pooling and water staining to a minimum. In addition, an efficient landscape drainage system can help to avoid property damage and flooding. Goldleaf Landscape Inc. will be able to ensure that this is put in place to keep your patio protected. Alternatively, ask your Goldleaf Landscape Inc. contractor about permeable brick paver options for your patio, such as Town Hall pavers offered by Unilock.

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Elevated vs. Ground-level Patio

In some situations, an elevated patio may be less vulnerable to issues caused by pooling water. Depending on the layout of your yard, considering adding an elevated patio rather than a ground-level one could help your brick last longer and stay looking new and fresh. An elevated patio allows for the introduction of a variety of different drainage methods that may be better suited to the particular conditions of your landscape. Both options have their own respective benefits and our team can help you decide which option will be best for you.

Image courtesy of Unilock.