7 Ways to Create Shade for Your Outdoor Kitchen in Elmhurst, IL

It isn’t surprising why outdoor kitchens are so popular—they create a friendly and carefree atmosphere, laying the foundation for lots of laughter, good conversations, and beautiful moments that will never be forgotten. However, if there’s one thing that may bother homeowners about these functional spaces, it’s shade. Here are ways to bring some shade to your Elmhurst, IL, outdoor kitchen.


7 Ways to Create Shade for Your Outdoor Kitchen in Elmhurst, IL  

A pergola is one of the first considerations for creating shade for an outdoor kitchen. And why wouldn’t it be when a pergola looks so bold and defining? The best part is that a pergola visually enhances the space while also offering the practicality of shade. In addition, it completely changes the look of the kitchen, no matter which type you choose. 

A Good Umbrella

An umbrella is the perfect fit for a small outdoor kitchen. It can be installed on the countertop or the dining table. It will unobtrusively create shade so you can enjoy a warm summer day while saving a significant amount of space. Another scenario for an umbrella for mostly design purposes—you can create a chic and vibrant effect by adding an oversized umbrella over the bulk of the kitchen.

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Reed Roofing

Bring in a unique aspect to the overhead of your kitchen with reed roofing. It adds a pleasant farmhouse vibe. This type of roofing ensures plenty of shade but it won’t close off space.

Retractable Awning

A retractable awning will add an additional layer of protection to your outdoor kitchen by defending it from the elements. In addition, a retractable awning creates a cool outdoor kitchen area so that you can enjoy the outdoors during the day. What’s more, an awning can be retracted in the evenings to provide an open space for cooking, chilling, or drinking cocktails.

Floating Screens

Floating screens is a sure way to upgrade the look of your outdoor kitchen and turn it into a more private, and captivating area. Floating screens provide just the right amount of light, and at the same time form unique and interesting lighting effects. Best of all, you can remove them whenever you want. Now, that’s practical.

Retractable Canopy 

If you love your open-air kitchen but don’t like the heat during the summer days, then you’ll love this idea. The retractable canopy could be just what you need! You can install it when preparing marvelous meals in your outdoor kitchen, and remove it at night when you want to relax and have a glass of wine.

Shade Sail

A shade sail is an easy and smart way to add a modern and authentic touch to your outdoor kitchen. Just be sure to choose a shade sail that is large enough for your kitchen so that you can get abundant shade.