Which Commercial Landscaping Services Do Multi-Family Communities Need?

The outside property of a residential community is the first thing that greets guests and residents, and a well-maintained outdoor space is inviting to both current and prospective residents. In order to keep the grounds around multi-family communities in Hinsdale, IL in tiptop shape, you need to find a reliable commercial landscaping company that values a long-term partnership, a healthy looking landscape, and the safety of your residents.

But what services do your grounds require? Your property needs may vary based on the amount of open space, balance of green areas versus pavement and walkways, and types and quantities of plantings. A quality commercial landscaping company can tailor its services to your needs, and even help you evaluate what options are best for you.

Lawn Maintenance

Which Commercial Landscaping Services Do Multi-Family Communities Need?

The first step to healthy and appealing landscaping is lawn maintenance. This includes regular and consistent mowing, which allows the grass to grow stronger and healthier over time. Consistency also keeps the grass smooth and even, by cutting back weak grass so that healthy grass will flourish. Regular maintenance also keeps out nuisance plants and weeds, as well as pests that can damage your grounds.

Tree Pruning

If your property has lots of trees, regular pruning will ensure not only the trees’ health but the safety of buildings and residents. Untreated sick or dying limbs, or branches damaged in storms, can cause sudden and costly damage if they fall. Regular tree check-ups and pruning will minimize the danger of unexpected calamity from branches. Regular trimming of hedges and shrubs on the property also contribute to an overall appealing and well-kept appearance.

Seasonal Maintenance

Whether it involves cleaning up in the spring time, raking up leaves in the fall, or providing winter support, scheduled seasonal maintenance from a reliable commercial landscaping company ensures that property managers won’t be caught off guard by sudden labor needs. The ease of mind alone, not to mention knowing you’re already on the schedule, will save countless hours of stress as well as the potential for a messy and unattractive property.

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Snow Removal

Winters in Illinois can be unpredictable, but regular and consistent snow removal ensures the safety of residents, guests, and workers, as well as relieves the pressure of unexpected labor costs and inconvenience. Whether the community has large driveways and parking lots or small paths and walkways between buildings, a commercial team could have your needs covered. These can include plowing, de-icing, and shoveling—all important actions for keeping residents safe and able to move around. Having a pre-arranged contract with a company means you are covered, even when big, sudden storms hit.

Paths and Walkways

In addition to snow removal, regular maintenance of sidewalks and paths during the summer will save time and money in the long run. Weeds and other intrusive plants can wreak havoc on pavements, but when they’re caught early or not allowed to grow at all, walking around your property will be safe at all times and potential hazards can be avoided.

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Whether it is regular mowing, plant control, or seasonal updates, talking with a commercial landscaper now about a multi-family community’s landscaping needs can save time, money, and stress in the future—and ensures you’ll always have an attractive and welcoming home on display for any potential buyers.