When Is the Best Time for Sod Installation for Your Naperville, IL, Landscaping?

Is your Naperville, IL, grass looking a little sparse? Yellow spots, bare patches, and stubborn weeds can turn your lawn into an eyesore. Instead of spending your summer worrying about the weather or poor soil conditions having an effect on your grass, consider installing sod for that lush, green lawn you’ve been dreaming of. Our landscaping experts can transform your yard with the installation of healthy sod.

Preparing for Sod Installation

When Is the Best Time for Sod Installation for Your Naperville, IL, Landscaping?

As with any landscaping project, you want to be sure to properly prepare for sod installation. New sod is an investment, so it’s important to get the area ready to ensure the success of your new grass. To prepare, your yard will likely need clearing and grading so that your new grass will look its best.

Sod usually comes in rolls or large sections. Before installation, pieces will need to be cut to the correct size and shape for your yard. Your landscaper will likely want to inspect the site and take measurements before starting the project.

Good quality soil will greatly improve the success and health of new sod. If the soil in your yard isn’t up to par, you may need to have some topsoil brought in. You should plan to have the topsoil arrive before the sod so that it’s in place and ready to go when the sod is ready for installation.

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Things to Consider Before Installing Sod

The weather will play a factor. While it’s important to give new sod plenty of water, sod should not be installed in the rain. And if it’s too hot, your sod could dry out quickly and result in dead grass. So be prepared to be flexible and work with the weather. Knowing optimal installation times can help you plan your landscaping for the season. In theory, sod installation can happen at any time, but planting at the right time of year will yield the best results.

Installing Sod in the Spring

Spring is a popular time for sod installation. The weather is getting warmer, but the days aren’t so hot that the grass will dry out. Sodding in the spring will require some advance planning. Because it is the busy season, many contractors get booked up well in advance. If you’re planning a spring sod installation, you should call now to book your job.

Installing Sod in the Fall

Early fall can also be an excellent time to install sod. Unlike many plants, grass prefers cooler temperatures when taking root, and fall temps often prove to be ideal. The shorter days also help encourage growth as new grass thrives with less sun. The cooler weather results in cooler soil temperatures, which produces ideal root growing conditions. Lastly, the heavy morning dew that is common in the fall helps provide extra moisture to both the grass and soil.

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Caring for New Sod

Once your new sod is in place, proper care will help ensure a healthy and successful lawn. If at all possible, you should avoid walking on the new sod for the first two weeks while it takes root. Watering is the most important thing you can do to care for your new lawn. New grass requires different amounts of water at different stages in the growing process. A lawn care expert can help you determine the right amount of water for your sod.