What You Need to Consider When Picking Materials for Your Oak Brook, IL, Outdoor Fireplace

An outdoor fireplace in your yard can be one of the most enjoyable and relaxing additions you could make. Imagine coming home after a long day to the prospect of a peaceful evening by the outdoor fire. Choosing the right materials for your Oak Brook, IL, outdoor fireplace can lead to the perfect landscape setting.

Stone, Brick, or Concrete

The hardscape element choices are numerous, and you want to be sure that you choose wisely for your project. Continuing the architectural look of your home is often the way to go. If your home has a brick foundation, you might want to continue that look for a seamless fireplace design that fits right in with the rest of the home.

Many homes have stone or stone veneer on the foundation or exterior accent walls. A stone fireplace feels cozy and looks great when it complements the stone on the house. Even choosing a stone that works well with a patio can bring a harmonious look to the whole outdoor area.

If your home is more contemporary, concrete is frequently the choice for a fireplace. Curves can be created to contrast with the straight lines of modern architecture. Or it can echo clean lines in other hardscape features  to continue the geometric appearance of a contemporary home.

Another option is to use two or three of the materials together to achieve a one-of-a-kind fireplace that is reflective of your personal style. Stones, bricks, and concrete can be combined for a unique look. Each material is durable, withstands the elements well, and includes an array of color choices.



Another important consideration when choosing materials for an outdoor fireplace is to think about your lifestyle. Do you want a secluded little nook just for yourself? Or are you happiest when you’re entertaining? Your goal for a fireplace will influence the size and placement in the landscape.

What You Need to Consider When Picking Materials for Your Oak Brook, IL, Outdoor Fireplace

If you are just aiming to have a quiet spot to end the day, then you may not need a large fire feature. But if you love to have friends and family over, or it makes you happy when people drop by, then a large fireplace would most likely suit you well. You want enough space around the fire for everyone to be able to warm themselves comfortably.

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Special Additions

There are some elements you might think about adding to make your fireplace stand out from the rest in your neighborhood. Your fireplace could be tiered as it rises to the top, or the chimney might have an eye-catching band of stones or different colored bricks. You can incorporate solid or decorative tiles into the design as a band or have them randomly placed on the surface for an artful aesthetic. Many fireplaces can have a connected holder for extra wood so that you can easily add more to the fire. You may choose a fireplace that is open on both sides for guests to gather comfortably as they chat. If your home is more rustic, add a reclaimed wood mantle.

The materials that you choose for your Oak Brook, IL, outdoor fireplace can be diverse and should be durable. Consult with a landscape specialist as you think through how you want your fireplace to look.