Water Features and Ponds

Water features in Hinsdale, IL

Everybody wants to decorate their home with some beautiful home decor accessories whether it is furniture or any show piece. If you are planning to change the decoration of your home with some beautiful and relaxing accessories then I would suggest you to bring a water feature at your home. A water feature is completely able to create a calming and soothing atmosphere in your home. They require less maintenance and care. A water feature will completely fetch the attention of every viewer. What can be more attractive than having a refreshing and relaxing environment? A water feature at your home will definitely add some value and prosperity to your life.

How do you take a boring backyard and transform it into something special? Add a water feature. Water features can transform the ordinary into something incredible as well as hide road noise creating a peaceful and tranquil environment. So, all you have to decide is what kind of feature you want.

Whatever you decide upon, spend some time considering the style of your choice of water feature and its position in the garden. Formal or informal, raised, sunken or flush, still water or moving? In general, irregular shaped water garden ponds seldom look at home in a small urban setting, nor when they are set in hard surfaces.

Water features and water ponds are at their best in a situation where a natural pool would be likely to occur: a low spot in and informal part of the garden, with margins of grass, stones, plants and perhaps some logs. Any water that appears to feed these pools should seem to rise naturally as if from a spring, and run down into the pool through a gentle course or spill from ledge to ledge of a water fall.

The formal pool, whatever its size, looks its happiest in an urban garden or in the more formal parts of a country garden; the terrace, perhaps a courtyard, or at least surrounded by a regular coping, while this in turn may be set in paving, mowed grass or gravel, etc. Remember that when you are fitting the pool into coping or paving slabs, it may well be easier to fit the size of the pool to that of the slabs, rather than the other way round, as this will avoid the chore of cutting the slabs, which often leads to several wasted stones.

Most water garden ponds should be placed in an open sunny position, especially if they are to be planted up. Water – lilies need direct sunlight for at least half the day if they are to flower satisfactorily although Nymphaea “James Brydon” is supposed to be more shade-tolerant than most. Trees should not be planted to near the pond as their falling leaves will clog it and foul the water, poisoning fish and plants as they rot down. Any large expanse of water could cope with a few trees along the margins, of course, but smaller water garden ponds will be spoilt unless you cover them with mesh in the autumn or scoop them out regularly, both rather boring tasks. Any trees, therefore, should be placed some distance away, preferably to the north or north-east, where they will not take the light but will provide some shelter from the colder winds.

If you have only a shady area available for your pool, it would be better to abandon the thought of lilies and opt for water instead. By placing a small pump in the water garden pond or installing a wall-fountain, and by surrounding these with easy shade-tolerant plants, such as bamboo, Fatsias and Hostas, whether in containers or planted directly into the ground, you will be able to enjoy many engaging effects.