Upgrade Your Elmhurst, IL, Landscape Design with Brick Paving Patterns

Don’t let your landscape design fall short with a plain old patio or walkway. Take your Elmhurst, IL, hardscaping to the next level with beautiful brick paving patterns. Introducing patterns and colors to your brick paving projects will turn standard masonry elements into striking focal points. From driveways to retaining walls to outdoor rooms, brick pavers are an attractive and durable choice for your landscape design. 

Classic Brick Laying Patterns

For a simple, yet elegant design, consider a classic laying pattern. A running bond pattern involves laying bricks end-to-end in rows, ensuring that the spaces between pavers are offset in each row. Changing the angle of the bond pattern can help identify different zones in your landscape.
A herringbone pattern adds interest to a patio or walkway without being overly dramatic. To make a herringbone pattern stand out, use pavers in contrasting colors. You can also alter the look of a herringbone pattern by changing the angle from 45 degrees to 90 degrees.
Alternating pairs of vertical and horizontal pavers creates a basket weave pattern. A half basket weave uses a pair of horizontal pavers with a single vertical paver in a repeated pattern.

Brick Paver Borders

Borders add instant appeal to a patio, walkway or driveway. And with the versatility of brick paving, borders can be both functional and attractive. They can help define outdoor spaces or direct the flow of traffic. Borders can be created with different colors or styles of stone, or with the use of different laying patterns.
A soldier course is a simple yet eye-catching border for brick paving projects. Made by laying brick pavers side-by-side, a soldier course works with either contrasting or complementary colors. A thinner border is created by laying pavers end-to-end lengthwise in a single row. This is an effective technique for adding borders to a small area such as stairs or a walkway. Combining multiple rows of pavers in a sailor course pattern will create a heavier border ideal for larger surfaces.
Inlaid borders are set back from the edge of the patio, driveway or walkway and can create a dramatic effect. A double inset border looks striking in almost any color combination.
Adding coordinating borders on other elements of your landscape will provide consistency. Incorporating a matching color band on retaining walls, grill islands or fireplaces will create a cohesive look for all your hardscaping.


Upgrade Your Elmhurst, IL, Landscape Design with Brick Paving Patterns  

Incorporating circular patterns in masonry design is becoming a popular trend. Whether you want subtle or dramatic, there are a variety of methods for creating radial patterns with brick paving.
The most understated option for radial laying patterns is to form an expanding circle using a single style of pavers. This creates an interesting circular pattern without any obvious borders or contrasting colors. To add more contrast, a ring of different colored stones will emphasize your radial pattern.

Outdoor Rooms

Because there are so many different styles and colors to choose from, brick pavers are an extremely versatile design material. With the use of creative paver designs, you can easily elevate the look of an outdoor room. Inlaid paver borders can help identify the perimeter of an outdoor seating or dining area.
Faux paver rugs are a stylish way to add character to an outdoor space. From a simple square or rectangular border, to elaborate patterns, paver area rugs will reinforce the feeling of a complete room.