Turn Your Outdoor Space into Your Favorite Place with These 5 Landscape Construction Services in Elmhurst, IL

If your Elmhurst, IL backyard is not one of your favorite places, then it might be time to update your landscape design. Whether you’re dreaming of beautiful flower beds, a new patio, or a functional outdoor room, landscape construction services can help transform your yard into the outdoor living space you’ve always wanted.

Get That Perfect Lawn

A thick, green lawn can make your yard the envy of the neighborhood. Dry, brown grass isn’t inviting and doesn’t encourage anyone to spend time outdoors. Whether your lawn is suffering because of pests, poor soil conditions, or a bad growing season, new sod can help remedy the problem. Sod offers quicker results than seeding, which means you can have a healthy new lawn in just a few weeks. Sod is also resistant to weeds and pests, making it harder for these grass killers to damage your new lawn.

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Update Your Hardscaping

Turn Your Outdoor Space into Your Favorite Place with These 5 Landscape Construction Services in Elmhurst, IL

A well-designed landscape features a combination of both softscaping and hardscaping. A patio, masonry walls, and walkways can give structure and form to a landscape. They help direct traffic and create flow across your landscape.

Updating your patio or walkways with concrete pavers can transform areas that were once dull into the featured highlight of your yard. Quality pavers are durable, long-lasting, and come in a wide variety of styles and colors to complement your landscape design. The use of paving patterns, inset designs, and borders will add interest and give your patio or walkway a whole new look.

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Bring Your Yard to Life with the Right Plants

Plants add color, texture, and vertical interest to a landscape. The right plant or tree can also make an attractive focal point. The key to using plants successfully in any landscape is to start with a good plan. You want to bring in variety but also plantings that are complementary to one another in terms of their color and overall aesthetic.

Flower beds can keep the mix of colors contained. Border gardens help define a walkway or serve as a transition between a hardscape feature and lawn area. Alternatively, raised flower beds can add structure and help define the different zones in your yard.

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Spend More Time Outdoors with an Outdoor Kitchen

Bringing the activities of the indoors outside can make your yard feel like an extension of your home. A fully functional outdoor kitchen will allow you to cook and serve entire meals outside, and it opens up your access to the kind of specialty features that you wouldn’t think of installing indoors, such as a pizza oven, deep fryer, or smoker. Once you cook a entire meal outside and enjoy it al fresco for the first time, your favorite place in the world becomes much more clear.

Add Ambiance with a Fire Feature

A fire feature adds a beautiful ambiance and can turn your backyard into a favorite destination. If you prefer contemporary convenience, a modern fire table is a welcome addition to an outdoor conversation area. For a more traditional landscape, adding a fireplace to an outdoor room will make it cozy and inviting while a classic fire pit creates an ideal gathering spot for friends and family.