Top 5 Landscape Construction Tips for Strong and Beautiful Retaining Walls in Burr Ridge, IL

Perhaps you have been thinking about adding a retaining wall to your Burr Ridge, IL, yard. It could provide your landscape with an important functional feature that keeps things in place, and with some forethought to this project, you could end up with a beautiful hardscape feature that adds to the overall aesthetic of your exterior space. Here are five landscape construction tips to help you get the strong and beautiful retaining wall you want:

Pay Attention to Size

Top 5 Landscape Construction Tips for Strong and Beautiful Retaining Walls in Burr Ridge, IL

When you are considering a retaining wall, be sure to choose a size that is appropriate for the space. If your intent is to put the wall against a steep hill, be aware that a low wall will not provide the support and structural force that you need. The wall will need to consistently withstand weather changes, with no crumbling, settling, or shifting. Building codes often dictate how tall you can build a retaining wall, so a call to your local county office will be necessary to determine if a permit is required before any digging can begin.

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Consider Drainage

A strong design for your Burr Ridge, IL, retaining wall ensures that the water drains away from the wall. Understanding where the water will come from and how it can be managed is key to your wall’s integrity. Built-in drains to remove the water from behind the wall are essential, as is directing water run-off correctly. Keeping the drains free of dirt and debris allows the water to flow away from your retaining wall, which reduces the pressure from the surrounding soil.

Think About Tiers

Tiers, or stacked walls that are staggered, are excellent for a tall slope. They offer planting space to make the wall more pleasing to the eye and additional space for landscape lighting. Plus, if space allows, tiered walls can be safer when the slope of your hill is so steep that a single retaining wall isn’t the best choice.

Take a Look at Manufactured Stone

Because of the consistency of size and design, manufactured stone can offer a more uniform appearance for your retaining wall. The installation is more straightforward than natural stone. Manufactured stone offers coping for the top of the wall to produce a finished look, which can add to the beauty of your wall.

Know That Materials Matter

The materials you choose affect the life of the wall. Stone is a powerhouse when it comes to retaining walls and lasts longer than most any other material. Concrete, brick, and concrete blocks are also heavy duty and weather resistant. Wood, while it creates a classic, warm appearance for a retaining wall, has the shortest lifespan.

There are many factors to consider when choosing to build a retaining wall in your yard. Goldleaf Landscape Inc. understands that retaining walls, while not usually a focal point of a landscape, can bring a lot to the table when it comes to style and curb appeal. Their teams are highly trained in retaining wall construction to ensure you get a wall that is structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing.