Spruce Up Your Burr Ridge, IL, Property with Commercial Landscaping Maintenance and Enhancement Services

If your Burr Ridge, IL, commercial property is suffering from less than stellar landscaping, it may be giving your clients the wrong impression. From small upgrades to large-scale enhancements, our commercial landscaping maintenance will ensure your property looks stunning. Our team of experts can help identify problem areas and make it so your commercial property is always both safe and welcoming.

Update and Repair Masonry

Cracked or damaged masonry not only looks bad, it also poses a safety hazard. Walkways, driveways, and patio areas in need of repair can lead to tripping and even cause damage to vehicles. Repairing cracked or broken pavers and crumbling mortar in a timely manner will help prevent larger structural repairs and major restoration expenses.

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Make your property more inviting by adding benches and seating walls. A welcoming landscape that includes space for recreation would show that your business puts people first.

Decorative Stone

Spruce Up Your Burr Ridge, IL, Property with Commercial Landscaping Maintenance and Enhancement Services

An attractive and inviting walkway creates a good first impression. Enhance your commercial property by upgrading standard paved walkways with beautiful decorative stone. But don’t stop at just the walkways. Patios, driveways, and flower beds will also benefit from upgrades through natural stone or high-end concrete pavers. Create a feeling of luxury while impressing clients and visitors with stylish designs and top-quality hardscape materials.

Revitalize Flower Beds

Well-maintained flower beds add color and beauty to a commercial property. If your plants are looking run-down or are in need of a seasonal update, our expert gardeners and landscape designers can help revitalize your gardens. Commercial flower beds benefit from hardy, low maintenance plants, and knowing which ones work well together in your area is a cultivated skill.

The right plantings can also help hide unsightly structures and utility boxes that are unavoidable on many commercial properties. The team at GoldLeaf Landscape Inc. offers commercial landscaping maintenance, flower bed enhancements, as well as complete garden design. Each property is unique, and our planting plan will reflect the individual needs of your business.

Add Trees and Shrubs

Trees and shrubs give structure and vertical interest to a landscape. They also provide shade and create a relaxing spot for staff and visitors to sit and take a break. If your commercial property is lacking trees and shrubs, it may appear barren and lifeless. The experts at GoldLeaf will come up with a planting plan that enhances your property with the right trees and shrubs for your climate and soil conditions.

Commercial landscaping maintenance results in trees and shrubs that are strong and robust. Regular trims and pruning will help trees maintain their natural shape and produce healthier foliage. Removing dead branches and overgrown limbs are other ways to increase safety on your property by eliminating the risk of falling branches. A maintenance plan will help trees and plants survive the winter and ensure that they’re ready for spring growth.

Seasonal Clean-Up

The changing of the seasons can wreak havoc on a landscape. In the spring, properties tend to be dull and dirty when salt and sand remains on most hardscapes. A clean-up will be in order Aeration, seeding, and fertilization will give your grounds a head start for growing lush, healthy grass. Replacing old mulch with a fresh layer will help protect the roots and make your flower beds look their best.

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