Selecting the Best Location for Your Outdoor Fireplace in Sugar Grove, IL

An outdoor fireplace would be a great way to make your Sugar Grove, IL, yard feel more lively. Choosing the perfect location for your fireplace can be a challenge that requires a thorough consideration of the various elements that make up your landscape design. Consider how a well-placed outdoor fireplace would become the focal point, while simultaneously being able to offer you warmth and light whenever you want it.

Keep Existing Masonry in Mind

The landscape features surrounding the location of your fireplace are important from both a functional and visual perspective. You may want yours to be part of the patio or off the side of your outdoor kitchen. The light and warmth that the fireplace will bestow on its surroundings could expand the use and appeal of your outdoor living space—making it so the gathering spots you’ve arranged nearby for conversing and eating will be used more often.

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From a visual perspective, fire features tend to be quite striking and become a focal point of any landscape design. As a result, their location should be distinct and clearly demarcated. You may want other potential focal features, especially those highlighted using spotlights or uplights, spaced away from the fireplace to minimize any visual clutter.

Selecting the Best Location for Your Outdoor Fireplace in Sugar Grove, IL

However, having your fireplace in close yet safe proximity to certain landscape features can be beneficial. Water features in particular, such as ponds, pools, and spas, can be placed near a fireplace to create an interplay of fire and water that can really liven up your yard. Similarly, having an existing wall nearby can double as seating for your fireplace, which can be quite handy when hosting large gatherings.

Space Considerations

The ideal location for your fireplace should include ample space for its installation. You need space for the fireplace itself as well as the possibility of built-in seating and movable seating. Having a lot of negative space around the fireplace can be quite convenient, as it can allow people to move their seats to their preferred level of warmth and light—their preferences may change depending on the wind and air temperature. The location for the fireplace should also take into account the size of your property to keep the dimensions of the fireplace proportional.

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Safety First

As with any fire element, safety is of paramount concern with an outdoor fireplace. There should be no inflammable softscape features in close proximity of the fireplace. Moreover, the area above the fireplace, particularly the chimney, should be kept clear at all times. This means removing overhanging branches and making an opening in the roof should your patio have one. The direction of the wind through your property should also be considered to avoid smoke blowing toward your home or the gathering and sitting areas in the yard. Lastly, the location for your outdoor fireplace should conform to any local government regulations.

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The ideal location for your outdoor fireplace will depend on a variety of factors that are distinct to your landscape design. You’ll want to explore the possibilities with an expert. An experienced landscape contractor can be an invaluable asset for ensuring that your fireplace will be installed exactly where it belongs.