Readying Your Lawn for a Sod Installation

SOD Install Services in Elmhurst, IL

Are you striving for a clean, attractive outdoor living space this upcoming season? Nothing promotes the natural beauty of your residence like having a neat and colorful yard, but to develop your dream landscape, it’s important to have a solid, reliable foundation in place. With sod installation and the proper ongoing care, a new sod lawn can greatly increase your property’s value and visual appeal.

While sod installation is an essential part of any lawn, it’s important to follow a few strict guidelines during the design and preparation of your new environment, and there are several tricks to ensuring your new lawn will be healthy and beautiful for seasons to come. Contact the experts at GoldLeaf Landscape Management to make your sod installation process smooth and simple.

Soil Preparations & Measurements

Whether you’re laying new sod or incorporating patches into an established lawn, be sure to get accurate measurements for the large square or rectangle sections needed to cover the entire space. Improper sod spacing can disrupt your lawn’s ability to absorb sunlight, air, water, or other nutrients, and could lead to the death of the grass.

Before actually laying the sod, you can take a few steps to prevent future weeds from sprouting up. Spray your new sod site prior to tilling with a non selective herbicide. Next, you’ll want to till the earth by turning over and breaking up the soil with a rototiller, cultivator fork or deep spade, getting to a depth of about 4 – 6 inches to ensure a healthy foundation.

After tilling, you can fertilize the soil and water the area to encourage new weed growth, then spray the herbicide a second time to kill the weeds. This destroys an entire generation of weeds that would have otherwise germinated around the time your new sod will be establishing itself.

For a healthier, more fertile soil, you can rake in fertilizer, lime, peat or compost to a depth of about 3 – 4 inches to promote the longevity of your new sod and lawn. You should also remove any rocks, roots, or large clods that could make your sodding uneven during the installation process.

Following these pre-installation tips can pave the way for a healthy, flourishing lawn fueled by a properly-laid layer of sod. And don’t forget–the team at GoldLeaf Landscape Management is available to help maintain your gorgeous property with professional maintenance.