Making an Outdoor Fireplace the Focal Point of Your Glen Ellyn, IL, Landscape

The function and atmosphere of any outdoor room is largely determined by its most prominent feature—be it an outdoor fireplace, water feature, or pergola. The structure and material selection of your chosen focal point in your Glen Ellyn, IL, landscape, will contribute a great deal to the overall look and feel of your backyard. Outdoor fireplaces are excellent focal points for outdoor rooms because they imbue their surroundings with warmth, soft lighting, and an intimate atmosphere. They are also wonderfully versatile and can be constructed to complement both modern and traditional aesthetic themes. Read on to discover how to make your fireplace a worthy focal point in your landscape.

Pay Attention to Placement

Making an Outdoor Fireplace the Focal Point of Your Glen Ellyn, IL, Landscape  

The positioning of your outdoor fireplace is the most important factor in determining its visual prominence. A fireplace that occupies an isolated corner of the landscape will not be able to have any impact on you or your guests after dark. However, surrounding a fireplace with a close assembly of comfortable chairs and sofas will define the area as an outdoor room designated to winding down, sitting back, and having great conversations. Everyone who gathers in that area will be able to enjoy your outdoor fireplace’s warmth and light, making it a crucial element of the room and its atmosphere.

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Consider this idea: Achieve a casual campfire-like atmosphere that complements traditional farmhouse-like architecture by arranging a collection of comfortable chairs around a low circular fire pit.

Personalize the Design

There are various quaint and quirky items that can be placed on the mantle or positioned around the hearth in order to give your ordinary fireplace a dose of character. Candles, jam jars, and planters are just a few examples of decor you could use. A statement rug can add texture and an element of indoor luxury to your outdoor fireplace as well. Correlate your throws, cushions, and upholstery with the visual appeal of your fireplace to ensure that the outdoor room remains clearly defined and well put-together.

Your material selection can also serve to make your fireplace eye-catching and unique. Consider utilizing stones of various shapes, sizes, and shades to achieve an interesting design filled with slight variations in color and texture. If constructing an entirely new fireplace is out of the question at this time, consider veneering your existing fireplace using an interesting selection of veneer stone.

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Experiment with Shapes and Sizes

The physical stature of your fireplace will go a long way in making it the focal point of your landscape. Consider constructing a magnificent, tall fireplace that towers over other vertical elements in your hardscape. The fireplace is bound to look like the center of the landscape, around which all the shorter elements are arranged. You could, alternatively, opt for a wonderfully broad fireplace with an incredibly long mantle. This low fireplace will seem anchored and will leave you with plenty of space for the placement of decorative items. A fireplace like this can also be nestled against a wall or fitted along the edge of the landscape, should space be limited. Flanking each side of your outdoor fireplace with a low wall can also allow it to look more anchored and purposeful, while low walls serve as additional seating in etiquette emergencies.

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