Landscape Construction Tips for Creating an Inviting Paver Patio in Oak Brook, IL

Making a change to your landscape can get complicated when you consider all the choices before you. Patios can be built to virtually any shape and size, while the possibilities for outdoor furniture and amenities are endless. Whether you seek to create a quiet backyard retreat in your Oak Brook, IL, landscape or an elaborate space fit for entertaining, here are some landscape construction tips and ideas to help you achieve your perfect patio.

A Welcoming Hearth

If you have the room to nestle a patio right beside your home, consider giving it all the comforts of an indoor room. A good focal point around which to build your warm, homely patio would be a large fireplace. Deck it out with stone veneer and accessories such as a large hearth and compartments for the storage of logs. The unrefined look and feel of firewood never fails to add character and familiarity to an outdoor room, so consider placing small logs in a charming wicker basket near the fireplace as well.

Landscape Construction Tips for Creating an Inviting Paver Patio in Oak Brook, IL

The patio floor can be comprised of brick—or concrete pavers that mimic brick. While you can customize how rustic or refined you want your brick pavers to be, their warm, rich color palettes are guaranteed to amplify the cozy atmosphere of your patio. When furnishing a comforting patio like this, you may find that wicker furniture and plush sofas or chairs with soft yet durable upholstery are good options. As you go over the design options, be sure there will be enough space to arrange seating facing the fireplace, and consider including a spot for a coffee table, to create a welcoming and intimate conversation hotspot.

A Modern Cabana

Relax in style with a resort-like patio that allows you to enjoy the luxuries of a seaside holiday in the comfort of your own backyard. This can be achieved by building a spacious patio with a large pergola overhead. Not only will the pergola shield you from the midday sun, but it can also be customized to enhance the island-style theme of your backyard. For example, hanging white curtains around the perimeter of your patio will award you the privacy you need to relax and unwind while giving your patio a luxurious resort-like appearance.

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Consider the many options. You could make provisions for the installation of a hammock before the landscape construction gets underway, as it would have to be well stabilized. The pavers underfoot may be large stone slabs or concrete pavers that emulate natural stone, for a relaxed and natural appearance. Opt for sandy hues and grain-like textures to achieve a beachy theme.

A Moat and Stepping Stones

A patio surrounded by a moat may not sound particularly inviting; however, it is incredibly enticing in reality! The charming stepping stones that provide access to the patio will simply be begging you to explore it. You can customize the look and feel of your private patio by opting for anything from geometric concrete slabs to irregular quarried stones to serve as stepping stones.

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The water feature itself may also be customized with the addition of koi and plenty of surrounding greenery. Consider creating a stream or waterfall that cascades down a slope and empties into the small pond surrounding your patio. This will play the serene soundtrack you need when curling up with a good book or enjoying your morning cup of coffee.