Increase the Curb Appeal of Your Multi-family Building with Commercial Landscaping in Oswego, IL

If you own a multi-family building, you want to attract quality tenants while also keeping your maintenance needs low. Commercial landscaping lets you do both. Here’s how to increase the curb appeal of your multi-family building with commercial landscaping in Oswego, IL

First Impressions Count

It doesn’t matter how clean and modern your individual units are or what amenities your building offers if the outside of the building and its landscape tells a different story. Uneven walkways, overgrown gardens, and half-dead lawns imply to prospective tenants that you don’t care. You are more likely to attract only the lower hanging fruit of tenants by neglecting your landscaping—and the good news is that great landscaping doesn’t have to mean high-maintenance, manicured lawns. 

Here’s how commercial landscaping can help: Depending on the size of the outdoor spaces, you can make them more appealing and add value to the property by creating zones. For example, if you have the space, consider installing a paver patio with a dining table and grill, where tenants can gather for parties. You could add a water fountain with a few benches and a play area (sandbox, swing set, jungle gym) for the little ones if your renters are primarily families with small children. These features would make your landscape more usable, which is something your tenants will appreciate. For smaller exterior spaces, consider a few retaining walls with seating on the bottom level, and one or two small garden levels above. This way, you make landscaping easy, and masonry looks good in every season.

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Go High With a Roof Deck

Some buildings have roof decks that can become a wonderful shared space for tenants. A few planters filled with cheerful flowers and evergreen shrubs will bring life to a roof deck. And if you set up an automatic watering system, these plantings will be relatively maintenance-free. Plus, people love roof decks as a way to escape the routine of street-level life and enjoy the quite from above.

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Upgrade the Hardscapes

Many multi-family buildings are surrounded by concrete or asphalt walkways and parking areas. While it may not be cost-effective to replace the parking areas, upgrading to concrete pavers for your walkways could be a huge boost in curb appeal. Pavers are also low-maintenance, much more attractive, and will last significantly longer than poured concrete (which will inevitably crack) and asphalt (which develops bulges and cracks).

Spruce Up the Green Spaces

Even if there’s nowhere to plant trees, you can introduce greenery with evergreen shrubs and potted seasonal plants. Your tenants will appreciate a well-maintained green landscape—not only is it attractive, it also signals that you care about the building.

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Improve Your Signage

If you have a sign, you may want to consider whether it’s time for an upgrade. A new sign with a cheerful planter filled with annuals, perennials, and small evergreens could have an effect on your property’s curb appeal. If you don’t have signage, an attractive building number (also surrounded by plants) makes the building easier for visitors to find.

A typical rule of thumb is that for every $1 you spend in boosting curb appeal, you can expect a $3 return on investment. You could attract higher-quality tenants and experience less turnover by paying attention to landscaping.