Incorporating a Pizza Oven into Your Plainfield, IL, Outdoor Kitchen

There is nothing like the taste of wood-fired pizza—crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. But did you know that you can use a pizza oven for more than just cooking pizza? Consider the following if you are thinking of incorporating a pizza oven into your Plainfield, IL, outdoor kitchen.

Advantages of a Pizza Oven

Incorporating a Pizza Oven into Your Plainfield, IL, Outdoor Kitchen

Compared to a conventional oven, a pizza oven can cook at a much higher heat, as high as 700 degrees. The heat is distributed evenly because of the flat surface that retains the heat long after the fire is extinguished. The distinct smoky flavor from the wood adds an extra dimension to the taste of foods cooked in the pizza oven.

Bread can be cooked with the residual heat from the fire, producing a crispy crust and a soft middle. Even fruit and vegetables can be cooked in the pizza oven, and they retain most of the nutrients from the fast cooking that would otherwise be eliminated in traditional cooking. An added bonus is that a wood-fired pizza oven requires no electricity.

Adding to a Current Outdoor Kitchen

If you already have an outdoor kitchen that you enjoy, adding a pizza oven could be a seamless addition. You can choose to extend a counter to incorporate the oven. If your outdoor kitchen is simple, with perhaps a grill, a sink, and a cooktop, you could turn the work space into an “L” shape by having another counter installed. Many people like to have the pizza oven in the corner of the L for convenience, with the wood stored below the oven. But you could just as easily choose to anchor the end of the added counter with the pizza oven, and use the counter as space to prepare the pizza pies.

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Free-Standing Pizza Oven

If you don’t love the idea of expanding your current outdoor kitchen, a free-standing pizza oven is a possibility. Choose a spot close to the outdoor kitchen where you can accommodate the height, depth, and width of a pizza oven. This can be on the edge of the patio. Remember that the oven must be properly vented to allow the fire to burn hot. Building a structure that has the oven on top with ample wood storage below will enhance the convenience of pizza making. Since bricks and paving stones can withstand high heat, they are ideal materials for a pizza oven.

Value and Curb Appeal

Adding a pizza oven can set your home apart from the rest. No one can resist the invitation to come over and enjoy wood-fired pizza from an outdoor oven. If you should decide to sell your home, know that real estate agents have said that a pizza oven can not only add monetary value to your home, but it can make your property memorable to potential buyers.

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Enticing your family and friends to join you outside for pizza will be a breeze with a new pizza oven. Think of the memories you will create, and the vast improvement to your outdoor kitchen and its capabilities. Laughter and fun and delicious food are sure to follow once your oven is ready to be fired up.

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