Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal With These Brick Driveway Edging Ideas In Hinsdale, IL

Your driveway is the gateway to your Hinsdale, IL, home; it’s the first thing you and your guests see upon arrival. A simple way to add elegance to your driveway is by adding driveway edging. Practically speaking, driveway edging is a great way to create a border between your driveway and your lawn, so that grass and weeds don’t spill over into your driveway.  Without this border, a yard lacks the clean lines necessary for a chic aesthetic. Adding some simple brick edging along your driveway can drastically increase your home’s curb appeal and make your home more inviting to you and your guests. Transform a dull driveway with these brick edging ideas.

Idea #1: Create a Wide Border.

If you want to really add contrast between your lawn and your driveway, consider two or more rows of edging. The wide border will stand out and establish a clean break between your lawn and your driveway.

Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal With These Brick Driveway Edging Ideas In Hinsdale, IL  

You can achieve this wide border in a number of ways, such as having both rows laid vertically (double sailor course), or adding one horizontal row (soldier course) and one vertical row (sailor course).  

Idea #2: Lay the bricks in a unique pattern.

Not all driveway edging ideas need to be simple lines. They can be made into shapes, follow certain patterns, and can even be made of different types of brick or stone. Talk to a Goldleaf Landscape professional about ideas for dramatic driveway designs for optimal curb appeal.

Idea #3: Add some height to the edge of your edging.

Depending on which design you choose for your edging, adding a raised layer as part of the border will provide strong definition for your driveway.  There will be no question where your driveway ends and your lawn begins. This will also create a clear stopping point for parking guests.

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Idea #4: Add rows of bricks to your driveway’s entrance.

A few horizontal rows (soldier courses) of bricks can add definition between your driveway and the road, and will link beautifully to the edging that follows the rest of the driveway. This is known as a driveway apron. Using the same brick to achieve this will add dramatic effect to your driveway’s design.

Idea #5: Use the same brick throughout your yard.  

Using the same type and color of brick to edge your driveway that you use as an edge for the walkway to your front door, or as a border around plants will add an element of cohesion to your front yard. Your home will be picture perfect with these beautiful, simple additions.

Idea #6:  Bring the brick pattern into the driveway.

To really ramp up your driveway’s wow factor, consider bringing your brick edging pattern into the driveway itself!  Talk to your landscape professional about options to connect your edging and turn your edging from a simple border to driveway artistry.