How Commercial Landscaping and Maintenance Can Help to Boost Your Business in Hinsdale, IL

There are few investments that local Hinsdale, IL, businesses can make that are better than a commercial landscaping and maintenance service. Sadly, this is often overlooked by businesses due to their focus on interior design and decor. This is understandable to some degree - people will, of course, spend most of their time at your premises inside your building. However, this still begs the more important question:

How can you get people inside when your frontage does not look welcoming? A professionally designed and maintained landscape can help boost your business. Here’s how:

It creates a good first impression

How Commercial Landscaping and Maintenance Can Help to Boost Your Business in Hinsdale, IL  

Your landscaping is the first thing people see when they visit your business. Just as we judge people based on first impressions, some people make the decision of whether they should enter your front door or not based on how well-maintained your landscape is. 

For these people, your landscape gives them a good idea of what your business is, how you do business, and how you treat your customers. A poorly maintained landscape does not look enticing and can even give customers the idea that the business does not really care about how they present themselves to their customers, or even about the customers themselves.

Aesthetics matter. Creating a good first impression with potential customers can virtually seal the deal. For them, how good your business looks on the outside will give them an idea of how they will be treated inside your premises. This will give you an edge against the competition.

It makes customers feel special, making them more likely to spend more

Ever spent time in a restaurant that had great landscaping? Did it give you the feeling that you were somebody special? So special that when the check arrived it didn’t really bother you to pay for the experience? 

A report from the University of Washington showed that commercial spaces with excellent professional landscaping rake in 7% more in rental revenue. The same report also states that customers are willing to pay up to 12% more in a business that has high-quality professional landscaping. In a nutshell, this means that customers are more likely to pay more in an inspiring, cultivated space, which can easily be done with professional landscaping.

It shows that you care for the environment

Landscaping, when done properly, can contribute to an eco-friendly business. Cutting edge landscaping techniques can help your business save water, promote local wildlife and lower energy costs. Not to mention that landscaping requires the planting and maintenance of various trees and plants. To your customers, this shows that you understand your responsibility to take care of the community, the environment, and ultimately, the planet.

Makes your employees productive

Work can be stressful and this can lead to unproductivity. Fortunately, flowers, shrubs, and a few trees here and there are known to help people relax. A professionally landscaped commercial space can evoke a feeling of peace and relaxation that can help with employee productivity. With a calm and relaxed workforce, they can do their job better, which will result in a better quality of service.