How a Commercial Landscaping Plan Can Greatly Improve Your Plainfield, IL, Property

Great commercial landscaping plans are designed to enhance the look of a property’s buildings, and each element is designed not only for beauty but for function. Doing it well can require taking a deliberate approach as you and your landscaper think through what your Plainfield, IL, commercial property needs. Here’s how a commercial landscaping plan can greatly improve what visitors, employees, and customers see every day.   

Combine Beauty and Function

Each individual element that makes up a landscape has functional and aesthetic properties. Trees provide shade, and they balance the size of any buildings with the landscape. Flowers provide seasonal color. Shrubs and midsize plantings draw the eye into the landscape, and are often used for privacy. A sitting area could offer a comfortable place to relax and act as a transition between the office and the natural landscape. 

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If there’s anything in the landscape that sticks out and doesn’t feel like it belongs, consider how it could be made more beautiful or more functional. Perhaps there’s a lonely tree in the middle of the landscape—would it make sense to add a small paver patio under it, just big enough for a bistro table and two chairs for mid-afternoon meetings between supervisors and employees? Or perhaps a seating wall around the tree could encourage mini breaks and admiration of your commercial landscape’s best feature.

Think Beyond the Walkways

At their core, commercial landscapes are not usually planned for any fun. They tend to be designed for easy maintenance and pure functionality as visitors traverse your property from their car or your entryway. You could factor in some playtime, for the benefit of your workers or residents, by building in open space into your plan or an area for a fun activity. 

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Give the Right Welcome

Think through the message you want to convey as people step onto or drive onto your property. You want a welcoming entry that reflects your brand and your company’s values. For a soothing welcome, you could have add a zen fountain and tall ornamental grasses. For an edgy look, a minimalist landscape with industrial metal elements could match your more modern business. For a formal entry, go for symmetry and well-pruned, precisely placed plants. A warm entry style could incorporate a cobblestone walkway, colorful plants, a small bench, or even a fountain.

Direct Traffic

Consider the type and layout of any pavers you may use in your commercial landscaping plan. Straight lines encourage faster movement, while curves encourage slower movement. Consider the landscape: gently rolling landscapes lend themselves to curved walkways and softer edges.

Complement the Architecture

Create outdoor living spaces with materials that complement and balance the style of nearby buildings. Give thought to contrasting colors for a bold aesthetic or stick with formal appearances by choosing solid, closely related color tones in your hardscape materials. Your landscaper can help you decide what will look best against the color palette that already exists on your commercial property.

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Be Eco-friendly

Commercial landscapes tend to be designed for energy efficiency. You can achieve this also with by choosing native plants that thrive in the Illinois climate with minimal care; installing permeable pavers; and planting deciduous trees carefully to provide shade the home in summer, or evergreens to serve as a windbreak from icy winter winds.