Gorgeous Brick Paving Ideas for Small Yards in Elmhurst, IL

If the late-summer evenings has you thinking how you could get more out of your small yard in Elmhurst, IL, you’re not alone. Warm nights are perfected when spent on gorgeous brick patio. Even when the weather turns cooler, you’d be able to extend your outdoor hours by enjoying a relaxing hot drink on your hardscape. Finding it difficult to envision a patio in your modest outdoor space? Consider these three beautiful brick paving ideas for your small yard.

Gorgeous Brick Paving Ideas for Small Yards in Elmhurst, IL

Front Courtyard

When we think of a courtyard, it usually evokes images of a space along the side of a home, but a courtyard can add a special retreat right at the front of the house. This is a perfect place for a brick patio, especially if the backyard is too small and nearby homes are close together.

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Keep in mind that a front patio does not mean you need to sacrifice privacy. A circular brick patio with comfortable chairs can be a stopping place on the way to the front door, or a spot to unwind at the end of the day. Nicely trimmed hedges or wooden lattice helps to add seclusion to the space that you have available. Or, if you have a modern home, a contemporary privacy wall can shield those passing by from view as you enjoy your little oasis.

Side Patio

A quaint brick courtyard patio on the side of your home would be a customized retreat just for you. Mixing large stones with traditional brick can make the pattern of your patio a focal point, and adding built-in brick planters could provide a dedicated area for flowers and trailing vines. Adding wide brick steps to the door leading into your home creates places for pots holding your favorite annual flowers. Comfortable furniture offers seating for you and your guests to enjoy the time together. Add a privacy wall with a pretty gate and you have your own “Secret Garden.”

Rear Patio

For a backyard that’s small and lacking an inviting landscape design, a rear patio could be the perfect remedy. A cottage garden with a large brick patio in a basket weave pattern can turn your average backyard into a spectacular outdoor living space. Adding a small brick fire pit extends the use of your backyard haven, and a pergola can provide shade from the afternoon sun. If you don’t like the idea of being closed in, a half brick wall with a finished top could add privacy and additional seating for guests. With a comfortable outdoor couch or a table for four, you can visit with friends for as long as you wish.

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A small yard does not have to prevent the outdoor space of your dreams! Goldleaf Landscape has the expertise and experience to shape your yard into your own personal hideaway. From full-fledged design and installation projects to maintenance work, Goldleaf Landscape strives to give homeowners a beautiful yard, with the added value of increasing their investment in their home.