Get Healthy and Beautiful Lawn with Professional Sod Installation Service in Burr Ridge, IL

Healthy lawns in Burr Ridge, IL, don’t grow on their own—they usually need some help. To really take shape, they may need sod installation. Tapping professional landscape services to install sod will result in a lush, green lawn that will turn heads. A bare landscape can be transformed using this process, and you’ll need a professional sod installation service to get the job done right.

What’s Sod Installation?

Get Healthy and Beautiful Lawn with Professional Sod Installation Service in Burr Ridge, IL  

Sod is otherwise known as turf grass. It’s grass that has already been grown and is held in place with the soil either by a thin piece of material or the grass’ roots. This ready-made approach to getting a standout lawn is widely popular, and when done well, it can transform the look of your landscape as well.

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Why Sod?

Does it seem like your lawn grass never grows? No matter what’s done to it, you just have patches of grass that don’t look very nice, or no grass at all. You’re not alone in this problem. Some homeowners, after consulting with landscape experts, have found the solution is sod installation.

It’s possible your lawn was once poorly irrigated and the grass hasn’t grown to its potential. Dry seasons are another possible factor as is an infestation of some sort. There are a number of reasons why you don’t have the lovely lawn you’re seeking, but it could finally happen with the introduction of sod.

It’s Resistant

Grass isn’t always tough enough to withstand the many environmental pressures that affect it. When grass is weak, it shows. You could end up with barely-there wisps of grass rather than a lush lawn to admire. Sod, on the other hand, is as resistant as they come. Its purpose is to be the beautiful lawn you’ve always wanted, and with consistent care, it becomes exactly that. Pests, weeds, and diseases stand little chance against sod, as its natural resistance keeps it strong, dense, and gorgeous.

If you already have sod installed, our installation team can refresh the old sod so that your lawn never loses its visual appeal. Working with our Goldleaf Landscape Inc. sod installation experts means that you can expect high competency and effective results. We will prepare the soil as necessary. This process includes spraying with herbicide, tilling, and fertilizing. A second round of herbicide is used to effectively kill a full generation of weeds.

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Sod can be installed pretty quickly, so you don’t have to wait around too long to show off your new lawn. Contact Goldleaf Landscape for a consultation on sod installation to completely change the look and feel of your Burr Ridge, IL, landscape.