Enjoy Your Oswego, IL, Backyard All Year Round with an Outdoor Fireplace

A beautifully landscaped backyard will make you want to spend all your time outdoors. To get the most out of your landscaping, plan a yard that you can enjoy year round. There are plenty of ways to add warmth to your Oswego, IL, backyard, but an outdoor fireplace tops the list. An outdoor fireplace will not only keep you warm, it will make an impressive focal point in your landscape.

Choosing the Right Location for Your Outdoor Fireplace

Selecting a location is one of the most important decisions you’ll make when planning an outdoor fireplace. You have number of factors to consider. Our experienced landscape contractors are up to date on industry codes and standards and can help determine if your desired location will result in a successful installation.
A fireplace needs ample space not only for the structure itself, but for seating and wood storage as well. You also want to make sure that there is a safe distance between the fireplace and any other elements on your landscape. Plants, walls, and furniture that are too close to the fireplace can pose a safety hazard.
The best surfaces for a fireplace are stone, brick pavers, concrete, or gravel. You should never have a fireplace installed on a flammable surface such as a wood deck. The area must also be level and strong enough to support the weight of a large masonry structure.

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Lastly, the safety of those using the fireplace must be taken into consideration. You want to ensure the location does not interrupt the flow of foot traffic and is away from children’s play areas. You also want the fireplace to be far enough from any windows or doors to avoid smoke blowing into your home.

Extra Touches for Your Outdoor Fireplace

Enjoy Your Oswego, IL, Backyard All Year Round with an Outdoor Fireplace  

A few extra touches will make your outdoor fireplace even more functional and enjoyable. From providing handy storage to keeping guests comfortable, these extras will elevate your outdoor fireplace.
If you have a wood-burning fireplace, nearby wood storage is a convenience that you will appreciate. Consider a handy spot for wood alongside your fireplace as well as a nearby place to store additional wood over time.
Comfortable seating around the fireplace is a must! Many homeowners choose to have permanent seating installed around a fire feature. Consider seating walls or benches that provide always-available spots for relaxation and admiration of the flames. You could always supplement such permanent seating with the addition of comfortable patio furniture.
Outdoor lighting will increase safety in your backyard, especially around the fireplace. Consider low-level lighting that ensures guests can see and move about safely but that isn’t so bright as to put your yard on display for your neighbors.

Make Your Fireplace a Year-Round Destination

To make the most of your fireplace all year long, plan a space that works in all seasons. Shelter from the elements makes it so you can enjoy your fireplace in almost any weather. A cabana or covered patio will create a cozy outdoor room. Ventilation is also important, so be sure that your fireplace has a good chimney and proper ventilation.
Protection from rain and snow isn’t the only factor to consider. Comfortable outdoor seating areas also require screening from the wind and prying neighbors. Fences, hedges, and walls can help provide shelter from the wind as well as privacy from onlookers.

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