Create a Charming Brick Patio With These 4 Unilock Pavers in Burr Ridge, IL

You could make a simple backyard beautiful and extend your living space with the installation of a brick paver patio. But with so many choices, where do you even begin to get such a project started? Here are some ideas for creating a charming brick patio with these Unilock pavers in Burr Ridge, IL.

Why Brick Patios?

Bricklike pavers are durable, beautiful, and work with any architectural style and design aesthetic. Unilock offers several brick styles to choose from that let you use the look of this timeless material in any setting.

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Traditional Brick Patio

When most people think of brick, they tend to envision reddish, rectangular bricks. Unilock Copthorne and Town Hall pavers capture the aesthetic of historic brick, and either option would add charm and sophistication to your outdoor space, when laid in a running bond, basket weave, or a herringbone pattern. If you love an English country cottage look, you could likewise create a series of smaller outdoor spaces linked by meandering pathways. Lush plantings that mature beautifully could complete this aesthetic.

Copthorne pavers give you many more options than traditional clay brick—including a gorgeous steel blue or basalt, if you don’t love the look of “brick red.”

Town Hall pavers are a larger, more substantial-feeling paver that comes in wonderful colors including Heritage Clay and Heritage Red, which feature a beautiful mix of colors for a stunning appearance.

Image Source - Unilock

Contemporary Brick Patio

Modern trends are moving away from using one same-size paver to mixing several sizes and shapes for a more relaxed and random appearance. Unilock Artline and Il Campo pavers give you plenty of design options as they are larger-format bricks that come in squares and rectangles. Their subtle colors give an incredible dimensional quality to your outdoor space, and can be laid in random or more regulated patterns.

Artline pavers come in tan and gray tones in two finishes as well as seven different shapes/sizes for a sleek and completely custom appearance.

The richly detailed Il Campo pavers come either as a random bundle or sets of your favorite shape or size, for endless laying patterns.

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Making a Choice on Brick Patio Pavers

If you cannot decide a between traditional and contemporary look, you could take cues from the look of your home. What colors dominate your environment? Does other parts of your home have brick that you’d like to complement?

Another approach is to mix and match brick pavers. You may love the historic look of Town Hall brick pavers, for example, but feel that an entire patio made with Town Hall pavers may seem overwhelming. In that case, you could use them as accents and borders, and use larger-format Il Campo pavers as your field pavers. This approach creates visual interest. To spread your creative wings, work with your landscape contractor to consider what would happen if you played around with color, such as using complementary colors for a more subtle look or contrasting colors for a bold look.

Your landscape contractor can help you design a charming brick patio that perfectly reflects your design aesthetic, for an outdoor space you will love for many years to come.