Commercial Landscaping Maintenance: The Importance of Tree and Shrub Pruning

Trees and shrubs can add lots of interest and beauty to your Hinsdale, IL, commercial property. Strategically placed and well cared for, they can enhance your buildings and walkways, and give customers something to admire as they enter your property. Like any other plant, however, they need regular maintenance in the form of pruning. This makes commercial landscaping maintenance a must, to keep all your trees and shrubs looking their best when customers pull onto your lot or drive by. Here’s why tree and shrub pruning is so important:


When you own a commercial property, mitigating liability is one of the most important things to consider. Overgrown trees and shrubs can sometimes present a hazard to people working or shopping on your property. Dead or weak branches can pose a serious danger if the certain events line up just right. For example, overgrown trees with dead branches can break off and fall on people or cars during nasty weather. They can even take down a power line, causing power outages, electrocution risks, or even electrical fires. Regular pruning keeps trees healthy and removes dead branches so that you don’t have to worry the next time strong winds blow into town.

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Curb Appeal

Commercial Landscaping Maintenance: The Importance of Tree and Shrub Pruning in Hinsdale, IL

Landscaping does the same thing for a commercial property that it does for a residential one. You’ll seldom see a successful commercial property that doesn’t have regularly maintained trees and shrubs. They make your property look neat, tended to, and inviting, so that more customers feel safe and welcomed. They also help to give a natural feel to a space that might otherwise be all pavement and buildings. Having your trees and shrubs well-pruned looks more aesthetically pleasing, neater, and more organized. As an added bonus, trees on your property can add much-needed shade for hot days. The curb appeal of pruned plantings will undoubtedly draw customers in and keep the traffic coming.


Once you’ve invested money into your commercial space by installing trees and shrubs, you want to protect your investment. Pruning your trees and shrubs will ensure that they stay healthy and continue to grow strong yet manageable. Shrubs that haven’t been pruned could die, after which you’ll have to spend money to have them removed and replaced. Trees that aren’t pruned, or are pruned incorrectly, could accrue dead wood that leads to the safety issues we’ve mentioned and are always costly. It’s cheaper to prune than it is to remove and replace dead plantings—and certainly cheaper than paying for a damaged car or injury.

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No matter what type of commercial property you have, keeping your plantings healthy, safe, and beautiful is important for appearance’s sake and the perception of your business by employees and customers. Proper pruning is what trees and shrubs needs to relieve stress on their system and grow back healthy each year. Our professionals can provide you with a regular pruning service so that you can rest worry-free while your plantings are taken care of—giving you more time to focus on your business. For more information about our pruning service and other services we offer, visit our Contact page and get in touch.