Bring Color to Your Elmhurst, IL, Landscaping Every Year With These 5 Perennials

Perennials are treasured for their reliability in home gardens, as they pop up year after year despite snow and harsh weather. They’re also relatively low maintenance, unlike finicky annuals that require dedication and hard work but only last until the end of the season. Here’s how you can bring beautiful color to your Elmhurst, IL, landscaping with five of our favorite perennials:


A favorite for centuries, lilacs are known for their beautiful purple blooms and heavenly perfume. It’s notoriously low maintenance and grows virtually anywhere without much help. As they mature, lilacs becomes more and more beautiful, with more branches for the clusters of scented flowers. They’re perfect for borders or breaking up areas with too much sunlight. They’re also available in colors other than lilac, like pink or white. You could have shade-loving perennials planted in their shadow for a quaint flower garden reminiscent of the English countryside.

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Another flower prized for its scent, the peony is a marvelous perennial that comes back fuller every year. The winter chill allows the peony to store up its energy for a beautiful show come springtime. When the spring ground first thaws, the stalks of the peony make their first appearance by popping up out of the ground. Within a short time, those small stalks transform into a lush plant with elegant foliage that has small, round buds at the top. After a few weeks of sunlight, the peonies finally unfurl to reveal soft, pillowy blooms with a delightful floral scent. Once the blooms die, the foliage continues a spectacular show, turning crimson in the fall until the winter frost comes. Choose from soft pastel colors like pink and coral, or go bold with red or white.


Bring Color to Your Elmhurst, IL, Landscaping Every Year With These 5 Perennials

Roses are considered the most prestigious of perennial flowers, perhaps because of their haughty nature, soft petals, and superlative smell. This perennial is high maintenance, requiring lots of care and the right balance between water, sunlight, and nutrition. But if cared for properly, roses can last decades. The climbing variety of roses is a classic for trellises and arbors, as they can quickly grow upward for beautiful height. Your landscaper can provide the maintenance for these gems, by adding a heavy layer of mulch for the winter, pruning in spring, and giving them what they need in between. Roses come in all sorts of colors, mainly in the families of red, orange, and pink, with some other options available.


If you want something on the larger side, the hydrangea is another classic perennial perfect for larger planting areas. Depending on the type, some hydrangea bushes can grow up to 10 feet tall or larger, although there are dwarf breeds that stay under 4 feet. The dense foliage produces singular clumps of small blooms, either in pink, white, purple, or blue varieties. They’re great for cutting, as the blooms look stunning in flower arrangements you can cut yourself. They may require soil amendments, so be sure to have your landscaper check your soil before installation. Other than that, hydrangeas are sure to bring a beautiful display to your landscape each year.

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Coneflowers, or Echinacea, are beautiful wildflowers prized for their medicinal properties. Loved by bees and butterflies alike, these perennials will come back with their prominent heads each year. Although available in other varieties like a crimson red or yellowish-green, they’re typically a purplish-pink color with a large, raised cone in the middle that pollinators absolutely love. Perfect for native gardens that are wildlife friendly, these flowers will come back each year to feed the bees and butterflies and add a splash of wild beauty to your garden.