Benefits of Incorporating Mulch in Your Plainfield, IL, Landscaping

If you have never given any deep thought to how mulch could benefit the many parts of your Plainfield, IL, landscape, then now could be a great time to do that. Incorporating mulch into your landscape can make managing the details of landscaping much easier. 

Benefits of Mulch

Benefits of Incorporating Mulch in Your Plainfield, IL, Landscaping

No matter if it is the cold days of winter or the hot days of summer, mulch keeps your soil insulated from the extremes of temperatures. This is important because the roots of your plants are what you want to protect from burns due to freezing or the hot sun. In addition, mulch keeps the roots hydrated and moist when the heat sets in and when the cold seeps into the ground. 

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Plants have roots that need both light and oxygen to thrive, and mulch keeps the soil from hardening to a point that these essential forces cannot penetrate to the roots. When you have surrounded your plants with mulch, the air can infiltrate the soil to reach the deepest roots. Finally, mulch helps to keep out weeds that can be persistent in showing their presence in your landscape.

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Mulch for the Garden

If you love to have a vegetable or flower garden, then you know how quickly the weeds can overtake all of the care or thought you have put into it. The weeds are constantly trying to spread and grow and can take away from the beauty of your colorful vegetables or flowers. Applying the proper layer of mulch in the garden can choke out many of those weeds so that you can spend more time cultivating your garden rather than worrying about weeds.

Mulch for the Trees

Some homeowners often think that once trees are established, they no longer need care for their roots to stay strong and healthy. This is not true. Not only do your trees need the protection that mulch provides, but the mulch provides a habitat for beneficial soil microorganisms as it decomposes. This enriches the soil and brings more nutrition for your trees. You want to have a layer of mulch applied approximately 3 feet in depth around the tree, but without mounding the mulch around the tree base. Keeping the nutrients and water in while choking out the weeds is the primary job of mulch for your trees.

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Mulch for Flower Beds

In the same way that mulch benefits your trees, it can also enhance your flower beds. There is nothing more exasperating than finding that your beautiful seasonal flowers have been overrun with weeds and grass. Mulch can keep those weeds at bay while retaining the water and nutrients your flowers need to bloom continuously all season. Additionally, fresh mulch brings a defined edge for your flower beds, thereby increasing the curb appeal that they bring to your landscape.

Mulch for Your House

Mulching the beds that surround your home brings a continuous, finished appearance to your landscape. The most eye-catching landscape beds have well-planned shrubs and flowers that are defined by the dark, natural color of mulch. The contrast between the lush, green grass and the dark, textural mulch can make your property appearance really pop.