9 Brick Patio Design Ideas in Naperville, IL

The look of brick has dressed up countless roads, courtyards, and floors, as well as walls and structures, over the years. If you are thinking of adding a brick patio to your Naperville, IL, outdoor living space, we’ve got nine brick patio designs ideas for your to consider.

Why Brick?

9 Brick Patio Design Ideas in Naperville, IL

Bricks are known for being durable, beautiful, and complementary of almost any architectural style. If your home already uses brick in its exterior design, continuing the look of brick in your outdoor living space will make your indoor and outdoor spaces feel connected.

But let’s say you’re looking at a picture of a brick patio thinking, “They’re too traditional for my modern home.” Think again! There are many brick styles to choose from, including colors and sizes, that could match your aesthetic preferences and look great in virtually any setting.

Here are nine design ideas for a stunning brick patio.

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Break Up the Surface

Use oversized brick pavers with bands of grass or gravel between them, rather than opting for a more traditional, continuous brick surface. This approach works well on patios and walkways, and works beautifully alongside modern architecture.

A Formal, Traditional Look

A formal brick patio features straight edges and consistent patterns (herringbone or running bond). The colors are typically dark and rich, and give a landscape a more stately feel.

Soften It Up

Straight-edged brick patios can look stark. Soften the look by using planters along the perimeter. This gives you a chance to brighten the patio with colorful annuals, or create dimension by using different sized pots filled with plants of varying heights. If you love the look of moss-covered brick, make sure that some of your brick patio is well shaded from the sun.

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Break Up the Expanse

To make a large brick patio feel more intimate, break up the space with brick-lined raised planting beds or low seating walls. Lay your bricks in contrasting patterns: For example, in a square patio, you could have the center bricks set on a diagonal and the corner bricks aligned with the larger square.

Make It Feel Larger

Use freeform patio shapes to make an outdoor living space feel larger. Freeform shapes draw the eye in an undulating way that helps you focus not on the size, but the shape.  

Create Nooks

Nothing is more delightful than a secret hideaway in the backyard, such as a diminutive brick patio surrounded by lush plantings with bricks set in a circular pattern radiating outward from the middle. Add a table for two or a comfortable bench to create a perfect afternoon hideaway. This is a great way to create usable space in a forgotten corner of the yard!

Mix Materials

You could add a casual touch to a patio by combining brick-paved areas with gravel perimeter areas. Trees, shrubs, groundcover, and perennials create interest and a sense of enclosure, while the gravel helps create a natural transition between the patio and the landscape.  

Opt for Unified Colors

Make a small patio space feel larger by using one color in the field bricks and the border bricks. Use larger border bricks for a more substantial feel that also helps define the space.

Mix Up Patterns

Herringbone and running bond are the two more traditional bricklaying options. For a more casual and modern feel, try basket weave or circular patterns. And there’s nothing wrong with mixing two patterns on a patio, to define spaces and make the surface more interesting.