8 Low-Maintenance Plantings for Your Plainfield, IL, Landscaping

Growing season is upon us. It’s an opportune time to consider revamping your landscape design. Whether you desire a spread of vibrant colors from flowers or prefer mostly lush greens, it can be simpler than you think to keep your redesigned Plainfield, IL, landscaping maintained.

Knowing Your Climate

Understanding your climate and what types of plants will produce the aesthetics you desire is the first step to achieving a low-maintenance and flourishing landscape. The United States Department of Agriculture’s hardiness zone enables landscapers to determine what plants are suitable for certain regions. Plainfield, IL, is in zone 5b. The plantings selected below are known for doing well in this zone.

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Low-Maintenance Plantings for Your Plainfield, IL Landscape

8 Low-Maintenance Plantings for Your Plainfield, IL, Landscaping

Utilizing low-maintenance plantings can not only create a vibrant and lush landscape, but could increase the value of your home. Consider these examples for our climate:

1. Yarrow

Yarrow is a colorful flowering perennial that is known to withstand extreme climate conditions. It can do so in the harshest of droughts and endure the frigid temperatures, including what we sometimes experience in winter. Yarrow is available in a variety of colors, including white, red, and yellow, and can grow to a compact height of 18 to 24 inches.

2. Daylily

Many homeowners view the daylily is a must-have for filling in spaces. It produces a special bloom once a year. The daylily has been coined the “perfect perennial” by landscapers due to its ability to resist even the toughest of climates. The daylily bloom lasts approximately one to five weeks, and depending on the specific daylily, will occur in spring or fall.

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3. Hardy Geranium

This perennial is sought after for its brilliant violet-blue color. These eye-catching plants can grow to be approximately 1 to 2 feet tall and produce ideal ground coverage. They are virtually maintenance free, living up to their “hardy” name.

4. Coneflower

These irresistible perennial plants come in a variety of colors and are popular for their continuous blooms. These flowers are nectar rich and are sure to attract butterflies. Coneflowers grow typically between 18 to 36 inches tall.

5. Veronica

These unique perennial plants, known as speedwells, are beautiful both in and out of bloom. They come in a range of colors. These plants are attention grabbers for their ability to attract butterflies and hummingbirds. Depending on the specific type of Veronica plant, you can expect a growth height of 12 to 20 inches and blooms from early summer to late fall.

6. Hosta

These vibrant green perennial plants create lush foliage. They come in a variety of sizes ranging from 4 inches to 6 feet tall and are known for their beautiful shades of blue-greens.

7. Blue Star

This low maintenance shrubby plant will produce beautiful blue flowers throughout the spring, and turns a golden yellow in the fall. The Blue Star is roughly 2 feet wide and 3 feet tall in size.

8. Spiraea

These deciduous shrubs offer a beautiful bloom in the spring or summer and are available in an array of colors. They are perfect for ground coverage or hedging. They range in size from 18 inches to 18 feet high.