6 Commercial Landscaping Maintenance Tips for Your Naperville, IL, Home

Have you ever driven past a business and marveled at how great their landscaping looks? You can achieve the same manicured look at home. By keeping in mind the following six commercial landscaping maintenance tips for your Naperville, IL, home, your property can look nice and shiny—and be the envy of the neighborhood.

Aim for Efficiency

When you trust your landscape maintenance to professionals, you’re likely using a contractor that also does work for commercial properties. Let them know the kind of properties you like—and how you want yours to look. With their expertise, you could inquire about pressure washing your hardscape (at a low setting) after all the leaves have fallen from the trees and ask about when you should water your lawn (you’ll find that watering during summer days will cause you to be inefficient with your water use because most of the water will evaporate at that time). Educate yourself on the best practices for pruning and trimming (i.e. how much and how often) so that you know how shrubs and trees can look their very best.

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Keep Your Hardscape Clean

Leaves, grass clippings, dust, and other debris tend to collect in corners and grooves. and before you know it, your once-beautiful patio or walkway could end up looking neglected. Use a broom to sweep away large particles, and bag the debris instead of sweeping it out into the yard. Once your hardscape is clear of large particles, a hose could be used to rinse off dust and grime. Spot-clean areas that are stained with leaves, mold, grass, food, oil, deicer, or household chemicals. Wherever possible, use gentle dish soap and a scrub brush and avoid using bleach. Any bleach that runs off the patio could damage adjacent grass or plants. Once a season (either in spring when blossoms are falling off the trees, or after the leaves have fallen in autumn), look into pressure-washing your hardscape and make sure to replenish any jointing compound to prevent weed growth.

Insist on the Good Equipment

Sharp, clean mower blades and pruning shears are a must to prevent your yard from looking like a hacked-up mess. Dull blades damage grass and plants and invite disease, and they also make the job take much longer than it needs to.

6 Commercial Landscaping Maintenance Tips for Your Naperville, IL, Home

Have the Edges Done to Perfection. 

Crisp, clean edges are one of the first things people notice after the overall health of your lawn and plants. To make life easier on yourself, invest in attractive edge pavers for your walkway, patio, and driveway, to avoid the “lawn creep” that over time can cover hardscapes and make for an unkempt patio.

Keep Mulch Fresh and Weeds Pulled 

Old, dry mulch defeats mulch’s purpose, which is to keep your plants moist and to prevent weeds. Mulch should be replaced once a season. To prevent mulch messing up the lawn, install edging or a low garden wall. This also makes lawn care a lot easier!

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Maintain Your Lawn 

A lush, well-kept lawn is the hallmark of good landscape care. Mower blades need to be sharp, and the grass mowed to the correct height for optimal health. Season-appropriate fertilizer is needed to give your turf a boost in growth or support for hot summers and cold winters. Any bare areas need to be seeded. Pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control should be used at the right time. You could look into dethatching and aerating your lawn in late winter/early spring. Water less frequently and deeply, rather than a little spritz every day. And, keep an eye on soil quality and add lime as needed to maintain healthy soil pH.

With the right care, your landscape can look just as immaculate as an upscale commercial setting. If you want the look without the work, give us a call!