5 Ways Commercial Landscaping Maintenance Can Improve Your Condo Complex in Burr Ridge, IL

A well-maintained outdoor space is inviting to both current and prospective homeowners looking at a condominium community. Investing in long-term care now will assure you that your property will continue to look its best for years to come. But keeping the outdoor areas looking good isn’t the only benefit to regular maintenance—it is also a key investment in the health of your Burr Ridge, IL, property and safety for residents.

Here are just a few of the benefits that ongoing commercial landscaping maintenance can bring to a community:

5 Ways Commercial Landscaping Maintenance Can Improve Your Condo Complex in Burr Ridge, IL  

Reassuring to future buyers

There is no doubt that first impressions are important, and not just for visual appeal. Great looking landscaping that is well tended on a regular basis shows dedication to consistent maintenance throughout the property. This is comforting to potential buyers and tenants who want to be sure that building management cares about the quality and upkeep that goes into building, and will take care of internal issues in the same professional manner.

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Safety and community

Hardscapes need maintenance too, which a commercial landscaping company will help with, such as preventing weeds from growing in the pavement, keeping invasive plants at bay, and watching for soil erosion around walls and structures. Cracked and broken stones and pavement not only detract from the visual appeal of your property, but could be unsafe for residents. Deteriorating and neglected outdoor spaces also contributes to a sense of abandonment or disuse that can make the area a target for vandalism.

Long-term health and appearance

Regular maintenance helps to grow stronger, healthier grass over time, keeping the property looking fresh and new. Each mowing trims back weaker grass and encourages healthier grass to grow and flourish. Uneven mowing creates rough, inconsistent grass, creating patches of weak grass instead of a smooth, uniform lawn. The more frequently the grass is mown, the healthier and lusher the lawn will be in the long run.

Regular maintenance also keeps out pests and nuisance plants like weeds and fungi that steal soil nutrients, sunlight, and water from desired plants. Should an unwelcome visitor or disease find its way into your plants, regularly maintained grounds will recover much quicker than unhealthy areas.

A healthier environment

Like all plants, grass contributes to the process of pulling carbon dioxide from the air and releasing oxygen back out for people to breathe. The healthier the lawn is, the more efficient this process. In addition, grass helps to clean the air, trapping dust, soil, and other unwelcome particles, making breathing easier for residents and contributing to a healthier community. A healthy, deep root system also contributes to water purification, creating cleaner groundwater and controlling soil erosion and runoff.

Ease of mind

Complete, year-round landscape maintenance takes care of all of these factors so a property manager doesn’t have to, plus it takes any question out of what needs to be done when. From regular mowing and trimming to weed prevention, plant health, and seasonal work, including spring and fall cleanup and winter snow removal, there are many different tasks that can all be handled by hiring a single company.