5 Landscaping Ideas for Creating a Relaxing Backyard Getaway in Elmhurst, IL

When stress builds and deadlines draw near, we all need a place where we can find peace and solace. Where better to unwind after a long day than in the comfort of your own Elmhurst, IL, backyard? Here are a few landscaping ideas for making your backyard more conducive to rest and relaxation.

Optimize Your View

5 Landscaping Ideas for Creating a Relaxing Backyard Getaway in Elmhurst, IL

If you’re lucky enough to have a scenic spot on your landscape that overlooks a good view, don’t let it go to waste. Set up a comfortable furniture arrangement facing the view and ensure that it isn’t obscured by trees or hedges. A pool with a vanishing edge will enable you to unwind in the water while admiring the view. With a vanishing edge, the pool will seem to merge with the landscape beyond, allowing you to claim the view as part of your very own backyard.

Think About Your Plantings

While warm colors tend to draw attention, cool colors often have a relaxing appearance. Both can be used in tranquil landscapes to create a balanced color scheme. Plants that bear blue or purple flowers fit perfectly into meditation gardens. The arrangement of plants will also affect how calming your backyard looks and feels. Plants of the same color can be used to create continuous lines or they could be bunched up in seemingly random groups. Creating curved lines of color will soften the landscape and give it a more relaxed appearance.

Just Add Water

Water features are the perfect additions to relaxed backyards. A private pool provides the opportunity to cool off and can be fitted with a waterfall, which is a delight to swim underneath and creates a tranquil soundtrack. A koi pond brings life to the landscape and can be surrounded by plenty of vegetation and boulders for an oasis-like landscape. A bird bath or fountain will attract surrounding birds, filling your backyard with their cheerful chirping.

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Set Up a Source of Shade

The scorching midday sun can put a stop to your outdoor activities if you don’t have any comfortable shaded areas in your backyard. A simple outdoor umbrella sheltering a comfortable recliner can give you enough space to enjoy a cool cocktail and a good book. Colorful or patterned umbrellas tend to stand out and can energize the color palette of the landscape. Pergolas are also good sources of shade and can be covered with thick green vines and other climbing plants. Durable curtains can be hung along their edges and drawn whenever additional privacy is needed or the sun becomes unbearable. Populating the landscape with a couple of trees will create shady areas, add vertical depth and dimension to the landscape, and make it look more vibrant.

Build an Inviting Hardscape

A concrete slab furnished with the bare necessities is in no way enticing. Create patios that are beautiful and comfortable enough to win your favor and lure you into the fresh air. Comfortable outdoor furniture is an essential part of any landscape that you will spend time in. A fire pit or fireplace will keep you cozy in the evenings and can be surrounded by plush inviting armchairs. High-quality materials and concrete pavers will lower the maintenance requirements of the hardscape and give it a luxurious look and feel comparable to that of your indoor rooms.

Image courtesy of Unilock.