5 Landscape Construction Tips for Long-Lasting Driveways in Sugar Grove, IL

A driveway is a critical part of Sugar Grove, IL, homes. It’s a prominent visual component of the landscape whether it is smooth and attractive or whether it is uneven and cracked. If it’s worn and cracked, falls can happen. When it’s constructed well and nicely maintained, however, the driveway can add both curb appeal and a safe surface for parking. Consider these five landscape construction tips for a long-lasting driveway.

Properly Prepare

5 Landscape Construction Tips for Long-Lasting Driveways in Sugar Grove, IL

Like any structure, a driveway needs a proper foundation to function correctly and to provide long-lasting use. The excavated base should be filled with free draining material to allow water to absorb into the ground. Using equipment meant for paving, the base should be compacted and strong enough to support multiple heavy vehicles. Think about how many cars will need to be parked there. Do you also have a camper or Jet Skis? Your drive will need to house all of your vehicles comfortably.

Choose the Right Paving Stone

Choosing the right paving stone for a driveway can be a challenge simply because of the many options you’ll need to consider. Certain paving stones are preferred for a driveway because of the heavy weight and traffic involved. Professional landscape specialists can help you choose not only the best paving stone for your driveway and personal preferences but one that will complement your home’s architecture and exterior colors. They might suggest that adding a contrasting stone border can bring beauty and interest to your overall landscape, to further tie the look of your driveway with your home’s exterior.

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Identify Parking Patterns

Many driveways have an enlarged entryway to accommodate turning into and out of the drive from both directions. Should you consider a circular drive to make visiting your home easier for guests? What about an extra parking pad for your teenager’s car? These are just some of the considerations when planning a driveway.

Opt for Pillars and Lights

You might think you have no need for driveway lighting such as lanterns or spotlights, but a well-lit driveway can bring both eye-catching prettiness and safety for entering and exiting. You may want to use the same paving stone for pillars as you did for the driveway, or you might choose a larger complementary stone. Incorporating lanterns that are on timers will make the lighting automatic—and take the burden off you. Spotlights focused on the pillars is another way to bring nighttime beauty to your driveway.

Don’t Forget the Plants

Green leafy trees, flowering shrubs, and lush grass can be like the icing on the cake for your driveway. Professionals can help you achieve a landscape design that brings out the best features of your home and new driveway. With expert knowledge of plants that perform well in the Sugar Grove, IL, area, landscape specialists can make sure your yard is green and blooming in all of the appropriate seasons. They can assist you with seasonal maintenance of your yard and keep your landscape looking clean and sharp.

Choosing a landscape company that can build an inviting and long-lasting driveway, as well as provide you with landscape plantings that will help you highlight the features of your yard, can make the whole driveway process smooth and stress-free.