5 Front Yard Landscaping Ideas for Driveway and Walkway Edging Plants in Hinsdale, IL

Borders of driveways and walkways in Hinsdale, IL, can be accentuated with edging plants. They could add a completely different look to your front yard, spreading an orderly arrangement of creativity in your landscape and possibly inspiring others as they walk by. Here are a few ideas for your next landscaping project, to make your driveway and walkway more interesting.

Every Day Is Sunshine

When we see vibrant flowers, we immediately feel better, no matter the weather and the mood. Styling a walkway and driveway with vivid flowers is a sure way to make every day bright and lift your (and your visitors’) spirit.

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5 Front Yard Landscaping Ideas for Driveway and Walkway Edging Plants in Hinsdale, IL  

Versatile daylilies will show off a wide array of bright colors when they’re in bloom to get you going on those days when you don’t feel like it. If you’d like to add a contrast and one-of-a-kind fragrance to your borders, spice things up with lavender. This plant is hardy, and appears to enjoy summer breezes as it sways with the air’s movement.

Classic and Cherished

Not everyone wants colorful flowers around their walkway and driveway; some people prefer to keep things fairly static year-round. In this case, shrubs would be an ideal option. They will keep the shape of the border, and give clean lines, providing you with a peaceful yet determined look.

Emerald Green Arborvitae is a soft and scented evergreen that is easy to grow. A couple of these added to the edges along with short plants would create a classy border. Another great option is Dwarf English Boxwood. Considered a border icon, this evergreen bush should be planted closely to your hardscape for achieving a manicured look.

Versatile and Generous

Perennial geraniums are versatile and beautiful plants, giving you about 300 species to choose from. From small plants, perfect for filling gaps in your walkway flower beds, to a blossoming groundcover, perennial geraniums can be a perfect touch to any walkway. You can choose species that will spoil you with flowers in late spring and then again in early autumn.

Wild and Free

If your spirit is wild and free, then why wouldn’t your walkway and driveway reflect that? Having edging plants that differ from other plants in the area will certainly make your landscape eye-catching. One such plant is Hakone grass.

Hakone grass will add an informal touch to the borders. Despite its free spirit, this grass won’t take over your walkway and driveway; instead, it will soften the edges. This will only make your walkway more inviting and friendly.

A Bit of Drama

What better way to welcome your guests than with a dramatic walkway and driveway? After all, a bit of drama does no harm.

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Choose tall plants, such as Festuca Glauca “Elijah Blue,” and short plants such as Yellow Alyssum. This variation in height and width will make your landscape stand out, while at the same time create a fresh breath of air.  

Endless Colorful and Green Options

There are so many options to choose from, whether you want simple greenery or bright flowers next to your walkway and driveway. We can help you create a walkway and driveway that will turn heads.