5 Beautiful Ways to Edge Your Hinsdale, IL, Brick Paver Patio

To maintain the structural integrity of your patio and ensure its longevity, careful consideration of edging materials is vital. The right edging makes the patio more durable and creates a pleasing transition into rest of the landscape. Here are five beautiful ways to edge your Hinsdale, IL, brick patio.

Why Is Edging Important?

5 Beautiful Ways to Edge Your Hinsdale, IL, Brick Paver Patio

There are two primary reasons for careful edging. For one, it adds to the beauty of your landscape. Think of a beautiful picture frame that enhances a work of art. In a similar way, artistic edging, often in contrasting colors, sizes, or textures, acts to frame your patio and define the space.

Another consideration is durability—in fact, this is the primary reason for carefully choosing and /professionally installing edging. Brick pavers are installed in an interlocking manner on top of a carefully prepared substrate. However, pavers along the edges are less stable (less supported by surrounding pavers), which can lead to displacement, sinking edges, or separation between paver stones.

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Contrasting Borders

Contrasting stones define the space. Typically, the border is made with completely different stones that differ from the brick pavers in color, size, shape, and texture. There are two options: The border can become the edge of the patio, giving a very dramatic edge. Or the contrasting border itself can be edged using the same field stones as the main patio space but arranged side by side in a soldier bond (lined up like soldiers) rather than in a herringbone pattern.

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Same Materials, Different Pattern

For a clean and cohesive look, install the same field pavers used in the patio but in a different pattern. For example, if the patio has in a herringbone pattern, you could have it edged with bricks laid side-by-side in a soldier bond. This gives the edging a very hefty, substantial feel. Alternatively, edge the patio with bricks laid in a two-brick deep traditional running bond pattern that feels less heavy than laying them side-by-side.

Garden Walls

A low garden wall not only provides a sturdy edge to the patio, but also offers additional seating, space definition, and visual interest. Garden walls can be constructed using the same materials as the patio, or with stones that complement the patio and tie everything together. Garden walls are also an opportunity to install low voltage lighting to illuminate the patio’s edges.

Large Pavers

For a dramatic and very posh look, edge the patio with large-format square or rectangular pavers in contrasting colors. This would create a bold look that complements modern architecture.


Large carefully placed boulders can lend an integrated feel that blends the edges of a patio into the landscape. This is a tricky installation and generally not suitable for large-scale applications such as the entire patio edge; however, a smaller application could work for creating a cozy corner.

Which Edging Should You Use?

With so many great design options, it’s not easy to choose patio edge pavers. Our landscape designers can inspire you. They will also recommend the best materials for your patio edging, taking into account your design preferences, existing landscaping, and the patio’s intended uses. A well-designed and professionally installed patio will include sturdy edging, ensuring that the patio will stand the test of time.