5 Beautiful Brick Driveway Ideas for Your Burr Ridge, IL, Home

Nothing gives a more elegant welcome to your home than perhaps a brick driveway. Besides the beautiful surface, brick driveways also make for less maintenance, more durability, and a much longer life than poured concrete or asphalt driveways. Another winning factor for many homeowners is that brick driveways are endlessly customizable. Here are five beautiful brick driveway ideas for your Burr Ride, IL, home.

A Sophisticated Apron

5 Beautiful Brick Driveway Ideas for Your Burr Ridge, IL, Home

An apron is a section of the driveway’s entry that is made using different bricks than the rest of the driveway, or it could be made with the same bricks set at a different angle. An apron says, “You’ve arrived” in an elegant way. It’s also the perfect tie-in to a driveway border, to pavers on your walkway or entryway, to the home’s siding (especially if it’s brick or stone) and even to light-topped columns at the entrance to your driveway.

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A Contrasting Border

Every driveway needs a border to keep the inner bricks from shifting. This is a great opportunity to add flair to your driveway and make a statement with a contrasting border. Today’s brick pavers aren’t just “brick red.” You can find them in dark brown, black, various shades of gray, light red, or buff (tan). This allows you to choose the level of color contrast, from subtle to bold. 

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Laying patterns also influence the amount of contrast between the field bricks and border. For a stunning and more substantial looking border, opt for a double border—two contrasting borders (inner and outer) with a row of field brick between them. Again, you can go as bold or as subtle as you want with color—even using two different colors of border bricks (one color for the inner border, and another color for the outer border).

You can even create “wagon wheel” tracks that run up the middle of the driveway—a bit of fun reminiscent of ancient roads with well-worn tracks from hundreds of years of carriage traffic. To achieve this effect without the result looking too busy, look into using field bricks laid at a 90-degree angle to the field bricks set at the same width of your car’s tires. Do note that this will not work on herringbone-pattern driveways.

Custom Inlays

Due to the small size of most brick pavers, it’s possible to have some fun with geometric shapes such as circles or free-form inlays that add a touch of whimsy to a driveway. A circle could be used to highlight the transition between the driveway and walkway, or to define a parking area.

Interesting Angles

Most brick paver driveways are set with the bricks either perpendicular or at a 45-degree angle to the garage. Aligning bricks with the wide side to the garage helps to create a wider, more stately look, while aligning them with the wide side to the garage creates a more slender look that draws the eye toward the home. 

For more visual interest, go for a 45-degree angle herringbone pattern. This pattern is timeless, elegant, and creates an texture that looks stunning in early morning or late evening light.

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Varied Sizes

Today’s brick pavers think outside the traditional “brick shape” box. Random bundles of large and small square bricks and various sizes of rectangles give you endless layout options for a more modern feel that works well with contemporary homes.