4 Considerations When Hiring a Commercial Landscaping Company in Plainfield, IL

If you have a need for commercial landscaping in Plainfield, IL, relying on a reference for a residential landscaper may not be the best course. There’s a different mix of demands and techniques involved with commercial landscaping projects, and you’ll want a landscaping company that has experience with beautifying and enhancing commercial properties specifically. This is why special consideration should be taken when searching for a commercial landscaping company.

Look for an Extensive Portfolio

4 Considerations When Hiring a Commercial Landscaping Company in Plainfield, IL

An extensive portfolio is usually a good sign when considering to hire commercial landscaping professionals. A long history of happy customers suggests that the service you will receive will also be high quality. When asking for a company's portfolio, how they react to the request can be a telling response. If they try and talk you out of seeing any photos or talk around the question, then there's a good chance they don’t have many commercial customers—or any at all. Looking through a portfolio also gives you the chance to review their services first-hand, and gives you a chance to ask probing questions, such as why certain materials were used, how long some projects took, and the level of customer satisfaction after the jobs were done.

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Seek Out Seamless Communication

Communication is key when it comes to any service, but in commercial landscaping it can mean the difference between true satisfaction and a string of misunderstandings. Is the company responsive when you first call with a proposed project? A good sign would be if they are open to a meeting on your property for discussing your existing space, your intentions, and expectations. If a landscaping company is hard to reach and takes a long time before replying to calls or emails, it is a red flag. Inquire about how much your contact at the company will communicate with you as the project progresses. Will they check in if a problem arises or a decision needs to be made? You may think the answer should be obvious, but less experienced companies may surprise you.

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Confirm the Company’s Insurance Policies

Insurance and safety are crucial when it comes to someone else working on your property with heavy equipment. One of the first things you should ask about is if the company is properly insured with all of the necessary policies. One major insurance to look for is general liability insurance, which covers the business in the unlikely event something happens that affects someone on the site physically or causes damage to property. Another one to inquire about is appropriate state licensing, such as a particular license a landscape architect should have to work on your property. Also be sure the company has workers compensation insurance—it’s a must for any reputable company to have and can give you further assurance that the company follows the rules and cares about its workforce.

See If They Look the Part

Another matter to consider is the look of a potential landscaping company. This may seem irrelevant initially, but if the crew is dressed appropriately and wearing necessary safety gear, then you know that the company values professionalism and first impressions. And since you’re hiring them to help you provide a strong first impression to your clients and prospects, then this sign of professionalism can signify a good match.