3 Common Commercial Landscaping Problems in Oak Brook, IL

Commercial businesses need to be on the lookout for common landscaping problems that could strike their Oak Brook, IL, property. Your landscape reflects the quality of your business and the impression people make of your business when they visit, so how it looks throughout the year matters. Be aware how any of these commercial landscaping issues could be preventing your business from looking as beautiful and presentable as possible.

Timing Issues with Landscape Upkeep

3 Common Commercial Landscaping Problems in Oak Brook, IL

Keeping your landscape clean and good looking is a necessity especially if your commercial property has a lot of outdoor space. The last thing you want to do is displease customers who expect quiet in your outdoors space but encounter mowing or sprinklers that are disrupting the peace. A watering system that’s on timers would give you control of when watering is done so that you can avoid the potential for unwanted disruption during your business’ busy time or client visits. And when you hire professional landscapers to maintain your property, their work time is quick. With the proper equipment and an efficient crew, the mowing and upkeep work is done in a flash, and any disruption is minimal.

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Inefficient Irrigation

Insufficient irrigation is a common problem among commercial landscapes that is often overlooked. A poor irrigation system can also cause lasting damage to a landscape. The first step toward making your irrigation system more efficient is by installing the necessary sensors. The two main sensors used are rain sensors and moisture sensors. Installing these two sensors along with a small computer unit will create a feedback system that allows you to actively monitor the moisture content of your soil. A properly installed irrigation system become independent by watering the landscape only when the moisture content of the soil falls below a certain level. This not only gives the perfect amount of water for healthy plant growth, but it also severely cuts back on the amount of water that gets used, especially during the rainy season.

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Improper Snow Removal and Management

The snow season may be fairly tight, but your business always needs to have a plan for it to prevent any unnecessary business interruption. You want to have access to a reliable snow removal company that has modern equipment and a skilled (and, again, reliable) workforce. The best companies for this task are courteous of your surrounding landscape and take care of where they place excess snow.  

Snow removal can be more costly than necessary if your property gets damaged in the process. When snow blankets an area like a parking lot, some of the landscaping won't be apparent on the surface of the snow. A map of your property can help snow removal service providers avoid snow-covered features such as a patch of grass or flowers—or you could sign up for the same company you use to work on your landscape in the warmer weather for optimal efficiency. That company will know exactly where your softscape and hardscape features are—you won’t have to explain it.

Avoid common problems to your commercial landscaping that could turn off clients and prospects, and make employees groan when they report to work every day. By getting on the schedule of a full-service landscaping company, you can ensure that your commercial property always looks its best and is effectively and efficiently taken care of throughout the seasons.